NCAA National Championship

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Louisville vs OregonI have to be happy with the outcome of today’s game because the guy I named earlier as the best coach currently in the game did indeed win it all. In the grander scheme I think it was the fans who won this time around.

I remember back in the olden days when watching this tournament you only got to see a sampling of the games, your home team and “regional games of interest”. Never mind who you want to follow, you get your state team and games including teams from the conference they play in. I live in the midwest but am a fan of east coast college basketball so that used to leave me high and dry.

As cable became more established, they tried selling a package where you could pay a fee and then have viewing access to every game. That didn’t go over so well. My own thought was that I’m already paying for cable and there are tons of sports channels showing the same old boring crap.

This year CBS started with four affiliate channels and showed every single game on TV and there was no extra charge. I watched at least some of every game by flipping around during commercials and half times. I even learned how to “live pause” the games on the three other channels while focusing on the fourth.

But there was more, there was an app for that. On my iPad, and likely other tablets, you could watch all the games wherever you had internet access (given you already had cable). That took away any complaints I might have had about being a fan of some oddball non-local team. They showed every minute of every game both on TV and on my tablet. Finally somebody got something exactly right.

One thing didn’t seem right. What happens on the court during half time? I don’t need five talking heads explaining to me what I just saw for twenty minutes. Doesn’t anything else happen on the court like cheerleading routines? I can only wonder. I do know that cheerleading is a competitive sport and I’d rather see that than listen to some color commentator that should have tried to be a little more hooked on phonics and a little less focused on hook shots. Do they have slick cheerleading routines during halftime or not? I honestly don’t know.


I would like to see something like this for the Olympics. Granted I don’t care about a lot of sports but I see no reason that every moment of every event cannot be covered in its entirety. I like to watch people who aren’t me working hard and sweating, all in the hopes that a commercial will catch my eye and I’ll break down and finally buy that tube of Ben Gay.

MaleSynchCould you imagine if men’s synchronized swimming became an olympic sport? How could you bear to miss one moment of all those manly men with shower caps, nose plugs, and silly grins all cocking their heads to one side as one and then as they dive down all their pointy clenched toes spin and submerge as one. Who would dare risk missing one moment of that if it were available?

And skeet shooting. You don’t think that’s a sport? You don’t think those skills are critically valuable and need to be studied by everyone? Go watch the 1984 movie Red Dawn and see if you don’t change your mind. All those enemy paratroopers floating down like evil clay pigeons. If everyone embraced skeet shooting then that movie and such an attack would have no credibility.

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