Music Theory – 0032

Let’s knock this one out quick. I was asked why changing a time signature did not affect the way music sounds and feels. This is backwards. The music you write suits a certain time signature so you write the score using the best suited time signature.

The brief video below shows the first four measures of Edelweiss. I assume that for educational purposes I can use a four-measure excerpt of a copyrighted song without getting into deep legal trouble. If there’s a problem, the lawyers can have 100% of what I’m getting paid to do this entry. Bite me.

The first sample shows the original in simple form, in three-four time. I show the score, then I perform it on the piano. You can pause the video or re-watch it to study what is going on. In the second example on the same short video (40 seconds total), I modified the original so that it is appropriate to fit into a four-four time signature. It is important to notice that the chords change at the bar lines so that the harmonic changes go right along with the time signature. You don’t have to change the chords at the end of a measure but this provides clarity.

Finally I throw some generic crap at the melody in twelve-eight time to show once again how easy it is to steal music and make it your own. Enjoy.

10 thoughts on “Music Theory – 0032

    • The Sound of Music. “The hills are alive with the sound of muzak.” The movie and the music are dated, but a lot of great now-traditional songs are contained in this movie musical. Searching for a link to the song on YouTube . . .

      Not exactly “bad ass” by todays standards. I like my stupid four measures on the piano better. I’ll have to write out the whole thing for my early piano students. Simple and lovely.

      The thing about the flower edelweiss is that it is a delicate flower that only grows up in the mountains. The romantic dynamic is a young man has to scale a mountain in order to pick one. The presentation of this flower to a young woman carries some weight because the kid just literally scaled a mountain just to make the gesture. Compare that with romance today: Hey bitch, I just spent twenty bucks on these red roses, like, red for love — now shut up and spread your legs. Not the same.

  1. This was so good. Even though I have no idea what a signature thingie is! LOL. I am in awe of those who do and even the ones who ask the question about them. I wish I could play something!! In college, I had to take a music class for my major and I remember having to learn how to read music. When I was younger, we had an organ. My mom hired a lady to teach me how to play. She taught me the pointer system. You know 1-2-3-4-5 and each finger represented a number. She never moved passed that! I am puzzled now as an adult. I could have taught myself that. I mean maybe she thought I couldn’t grasp notes? Hmmm… anywaaay…I am angry with her now. I feel I was cheated. Well, as I said in college we had to learn how to read notes. I do play a rather mean “recorder.” LOL.
    But truly I love to watch you play. Especially the last video… I know I use it to much but the word epic comes to mind.

  2. I remember being given a “song flute” in a humanities class in high school. It took me a few minutes before I started playing “wicked shit” on that little toy. Interesting how some practiced knowledge crosses over. I remember some people failing to play “Three Blind Mice” while I was working out Jethro Tull flute passages.

    Once I am comfortable and efficient with the video presentation thing, I intend to start a new series aimed at understanding music through learning to play the piano. It will be very slow and methodical, easy and meaningful. I imagine the first few will be overly simple. If you can get access to any sort of keyboard you can play along without investing much time. I will separate the trivia from what is needed to learn immediately.

    The numbers for fingers are valid, but should only be addressed to get someone started and then set aside until something is tricky to play and then the fingering is “suggested” in case you are having trouble untangling your fingers.

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