Vote for the Worst

DanceThere’s only one competition show on TV that I genuinely like with no reservations and that is “So You Think You Can Dance” (not currently in season). Spectacular talent and performances every show and it is an absolute joy to watch. The worst competition show that I have actually watched is “Dancing with the Stars” and I recently gave it another chance.

DWTSWhat DWTS brings is a variety of stars of different backgrounds, mostly who cannot dance with one or two celebrities who actually can dance. I used to watch this show to watch the female pros who are matched with the male celebrities and considered it entertaining soft-core porn. When the pros tone it down a little their overly crisp competition moves become very sexy. What I don’t like about the show is that people vote for their favorite celebrity regardless of how well they do. When a stumblebum is voted over a gifted performer I have to sacrifice the eye candy and turn off the TV. It’s just wrong.

Most other shows such as Survivor I have never watched more than one episode. Instead of the TV audience voting for their favorite personality, contestants are collaborating to get rid of the best contestant in the interests of winning. Now isn’t that just capitalism in its finest moment, screwing over what is best in order to grope for a notch up the ladder. If I want real life I’ll go out the front door. I watch game shows for an escape from reality, I watch game shows to see a glimpse of that rare jewel called fairness.


Speaking of capitalism, did you know there is a no-fly zone over Arkansas? It’s not about safety and it is about censorship. Our government and Exxon doesn’t want anyone getting good pictures of the true extent of that horrible oil spill. That game is rigged too, protecting the money and wealth as much as possible.


I do watch American Idol. The judges sometimes have insightful comments and there’s enough talent to keep it interesting. I watch to analyze and figure out what I do and don’t like about what the band and the contestants do and it is educational for me to clarify for myself exactly what is being done that I do and don’t like. The competition itself is at least partly a sham. People vote for their favorite genres or the cutest guy, not for the best singer. And then there is the great x-factor: Vote for the Worst. This group selects the worst singer currently competing and that contestant from the beginning this season is Lazaro. Personally, I don’t care that the guy stutters when he speaks, but he allows songs to happen in keys that are too low for his voice and when he hits bottom his voice all but completely disappears and goes way off pitch. In the sweet area of his range he sounds great but that range is very limited. He was awful the last two times out and I couldn’t figure out how this past week he was in the top three out of seven and then I checked the Vote for the Worst website and it all became clear. Lazaro is their pet lovable loser. Vote for the Worst has tons of votes behind them.


On Idol, Candice is the obvious best (heavy set black lady). The other girls all have their moments. I am not a fan of country music but that short blonde delights me when she smoothly moves up in pitch from one note to another, that is so very good and superbly effective. Oops! There I go being fair.


3 thoughts on “Vote for the Worst

  1. “considered it entertaining soft-core porn.” LOL. Hysterical. I might have to watch DWTS, with this new perspective, of course. Otherwise, meh. I liked the musical critique of American Idol – if only some of the judges [Mariah] could display that kind of musical knowledge, they would actually be more than just bobble heads. Um… Lazaro is a special kind of awful for obvious reasons. I would love a critique of American Idol singers each week from you. That you would rad. Tweeted. I’m learning how to use the Twitter. I’ve got to do something at work :)Cheers.

    • I’ll consider doing the American Idol thing with me as a critic. That might be fun for me. The problem is me getting all snarky without the reader here seeing what I’m talking about. Hopefully YouTube will come to the rescue. There is so little content on that show, it is almost all commercials and judges babbling and life stories about people I don’t care about. In a two-hour show there is probably twenty minutes of performing. That show is tanking big time. Note that they are giving people 50 online votes per e-mail account along with texting and calling in, and still their numbers are less than they used to be.

      I’ll try it but there will be some delay because I Tivo the show so I can skip over all the crap. Maybe I’ll critique the judges!

      • A critique of the judges would be awesome. And interesting as well. I stopped watching this show for a long time, I think I will continue my disinterest after this season. I agree. The show has jumped the shark in a big way. Cheers. 🙂

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