For Lurch

As a kid I loved watching the original Addams Family TV show, and Lurch was my favorite character. I never knew that Ted Cassidy (Lurch) died in 1979. To commemorate my love of the actor and that wonderful character he played I dedicate this christening of my new video camera with a harpsichord rendition of J. S. Bach’s 2-part invention in D Minor:

6 thoughts on “For Lurch

    • That was interesting. I never think of big guys as being typecast and discriminated against. What I’ve become used to seeing is white men being the butt of most of the jokes on TV, probably because they are the last thing left that is acceptable to just blast away at. I don’t mind, but so often the guy or the Dad is the idiot on commercials and TV shows. It seems to help me get over myself to some degree.

      • I know that was interesting to hear his perspective and how he was never proud of his work. My daughter finally became a SAG member and has gotten to experience some great things and it is interesting to hear what she is proud of and what she is not.

    • I did think of using that catch phrase. Learning he had died at age 46 took all the fun out of me. Anyone who gave me such delight should have lived a long and happy life. I’m curious if his size had anything to do with it? I must read up.

      • I think it said he died in heart surgery or something to have to do with it. Sorry. I didn’t want to uninspire you. Like I said wherever he is I am sure he appreciated your efforts! Ya got a good piece out if it!
        Oh well, now you can go back and work on ours… smile… just kidding! 😉

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