Tangle – Unfinished

I haven’t gotten one thing right today. Got the camera, it’s sitting there charging. A student came completely unprepared because she was out of town all week and we worked on her left hand and improved it some but, well, these things take time. I spent a lot of time practicing and recording myself just in case I happened to get the current project nailed and I got close but no cigar. And here I am with no time or energy left to make a proper post. I did find a nice but unfinished piece of music I had been working on that has a lot of promise and is fine as far as it goes but I got stuck and gave up on it, so it seems fitting to post it here. This is a solo project from eight months ago, unfinished, and here to represent my day of not getting anything done. It is encapsulated as a video so it doesn’t get all tangled up with my finished audio recordings. I give up for today.

8 thoughts on “Tangle – Unfinished

    • I like it too. Once I decided to do a showy piano thing and after that the piano and violin are supposed to have a “fight” trying to one up each other and then blend together at the end I got hopelessly stuck. I’m not a fighter!

  1. I love this too and my 19 year old daughter is dancing to it in the kitchen near me so it must be super catchy. My 17 year old thinks it is good music for the intro to a movie as the scene is being set in the most important first frames. Hope you’re not offended. If it is, it would be a movie I’d like to see! I imagine someone cooking up a feast, all happy and dancing (but maybe that’s because my son is here cooking and my daughter dancing).

    • Those are wonderfully supportive comments! Everyone seems to always say that I write movie music, so that is not unusual at all. I got too ambitious with where I wanted to take it next and it was beyond my level of craft, to be honest. I have a couple other things that are close to completion that have been sitting there waiting for me to figure out what to do with them. I get very angry with myself for being unable to finish the job and there they sit. I have a beatnik-feeling piece about a Daddy Long Legs spider that I would love to put the finishing touches on. With that one I could just cop out and fade out from where it currently is but it wouldn’t be right, not to me.

      • I know ALL about not being able to finish projects! That’s why blogging suits because you don’t have enough time to be perfectionist. You just get it out there. But as Barbara Sher says, who cares if you don’t finish. You may have gotten all you need from the project. Having said that, it sounds very interesting!

    • Your point below, about an unfinished project being done because you got out of it what you needed is quite profound. I thought I wanted to write a novel — which I don’t have the skills to do — and in preparation I wrote a series of blog articles about how the world would end up being at the end of that novel. Working that out satisfied me and took away my “need” to attempt writing it, great idea that it might have been.

      • How the world would end up being?? Interesting. I feel my blogging has helped me enormously too. I am running out of the need to help ‘others’ (aka myself) by writing about having a different perspective on life in order to avoid depression. I am also going to wrap up my dieting blog in 7 days because I have reached my goal (or should do by then). I’d like to write an ebook on dieting about everything I learned by blogging in the last 165 days or so but I know me, and if I don’t do it probably in the next seven days I never will. I will be onto the next thing! Don’t you just love blogging? A real chance to dabble?

    • I think a lot of people think that blogging is a bridge to somewhere else. I don’t. I look at my blog as an end to itself. It is my self-built world which is a display of my art, my soap box for my opinions, and a place to meet some great people that I would never come across otherwise.

      Sure, it can be self promotion or practice for something else. I try to make everything a special moment. I don’t drive to somewhere. When I’m driving my whole self is about driving as if that is what I’m all about. Once I arrive at my destination then it is all about being there. Blogging is an art unto itself and for better or worse everything I put up here is my best effort at the moment I do it. I take pride and do my best or I don’t bother.

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