The Post-Easter Post

Once again it is the post-holiday candy sale that I so enjoy. We’ve had Christmas, Valentine’s Day, the the latest haul was Easter. Candy at half price or less, that’s what I like. Diets are for after the post-holiday candy is gone. What’s next, Sweetest Day? I don’t think that one provides such a wonderful pillage.


Above is one of several racks at the front of the grocery store and there’s a bit more elsewhere, like sugar-free diet Peeps. What the hell is that?

I didn’t bother searching out my Easter basket this year, what with my wife having converted to Judaism a year or so ago. Cathy gets into all that family tree research business and she discovered and reasoned out that she is very likely a Crypto Jew. Whatever. I figure if being a Jew was good enough for Jesus then it ought to be good enough for just about anyone. Tell that to your Christian Fundamentalist antisemite acquaintances.

Me, I have my own sense of respect. I put my hedonism on the day after.

6 thoughts on “The Post-Easter Post

  1. You could always be a stand up comic… if we went back in your archives, we could find enough material. I love it when you stretch the humor muscle a bit. Smile. Loved that I got notifiied! You were right unfollowing and following worked! Thanks! Don’t eat too many chocolate bunnies πŸ˜‰

    • Four Cadbury Eggs in a row. I really have had a serious tone to my blogs lately and I don’t personally like that. You can be technical and still joke around. I need to own that.

      Glad the re-following worked. I’m so good people unfollow me just so they can follow me again! Take that all you once-and-for-all followeds.

  2. So funny! Love the photo. I admit I went on a hunt for discounted post Easter chocolate also and bought a load of Creme Eggs for 80c each and TEN Malteser bunnies for 57c instead of up to $2.50. Now I have a huge stash hidden and I am on a diet for 9 more days. No hope for me 😦

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