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Well, I went and did it. I upgraded to WordPress Business for $300 per year. (Actually it cost $199 this time because I had already paid for the “Pro” package) What that means is that I will have unlimited storage so I don’t have to worry about the length or size of videos. It also means I have unlimited access to premium themes, so if the look of this blog drastically changes it is just because I’m trying out different themes to see what they look like. So allow for a different look and feel here as I learn about my new toys and how to best use them.

PopFilterI had a positive experience at a lesson today. I took my newest student into my studio (room of toys) and did a test recording of her spoken voice. Before she arrived I had set up a track with EQ, echo, and reverb and had all three effects bypassed and recorded her voice dry (no effects). Apart from discovering I need a pop filter to stop noise produced by breath hitting the mic, I think we have a winner here. She has the perfect surreal young speaking voice for what I have in mind. The first thing that surprised her was how I moved windows around between two monitors in order to not overlap anything. Then she really liked when I added some EQ to her voice. The echo is what really got her, and combining that with some reverb was just amazing. She could do the best female starship computer voice ever. I’m hoping we can make a song together that is worthy of posting. That will be a while if it ever sees the light of day. We’ll have fun playing with the equipment and learning about multitrack recording in any event.

– – –

I swear I had about six different opinion pieces that hit me throughout different points in the day and I can’t remember any of them. If they are worthwhile they’ll come back. I have two or three days open to experiment with stuff so I’ll be one happy camper. Tomorrow is a new day.

5 thoughts on “WordPress Business

    • Thank you so much! I’m struggling to do “all this” in a way that suits me and will better communicate and share what I have to offer. Pictures of music on a staff and words written on a page don’t communicate what music is and can do. I think my tagline at the upper right of this blog sums it up. I think inserting video and audio examples of what I’m trying to get across will at times be more helpful and entertaining. There will be a period of substandard work along these lines while I sort it all out. It’s hard, effective expression always is.

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