I updated the “Piano Lessons” tab on the main page. I got a new student through it recently and I went over and read that page and I thought, “I wouldn’t have contacted that person for lessons.” So I made it clearer what to expect from me. That’s good enough instead of a proper post for the day isn’t it?

I need time to prepare for a student so I can introduce her to recording. I’m going to write a little thing for her to read, announcing that it is time for the Old Ones (adults) to step down and for the Young Ones (children) to take over. She’s thirteen years old and I thought that might amuse her, as if children were going to revolt and take over the world. After recording her voice “dry” and listening to it, I’ll then add some light echo and some reverb, maybe some low-pitched menacing strings and a large bell sounding off in the distance. A vague military drum beat? If that works out it will be the intro to a song with her singing. Should be interesting to see if it goes anywhere. Just a stray thought.

I’m also planning a series of blogs about a song I wrote back in February called “Finding Diane”. That will be for my theory students to look over and for anyone else to listen to piece by piece. The purpose here will be to show how a larger piece of music is put together and to introduce certain concepts for the first time. The chord theory will likely be a bit much so I’ll not hit that too hard, but the notion of transitioning into another part of a song and the idea of form needs to be addressed. I’ve tried to make a video of myself playing and my webcam really isn’t up to the task. Anyone got a thousand bucks or two just laying around that they don’t want?

The basketball tournament is still fun for me to watch. Florida Gulf Coast continues to be a fun team to follow. They must have won their conference tournament because they came in second in their conference. What a shame Mercer wasn’t invited as well since they won their regular season’s conference. They really should allow every team to be in the tournament, maybe seeding 32 teams and have the rest of the country play in tournament style against non-conference teams to fill out the bracket. I’d like that.

I’m still waiting for the next generation of Apple computers to come out so I can see if it is time to upgrade. My Mac Pro is still stomping along but it is an early 2009 model. I want to see what their next top-of-the-line laptop looks like. With the next major processor upgrade I’m likely to spend some money. The little bumps in speed and RAM don’t impress me, but I do want to try portability with my next main computer.

So, like I said, no blog post today. I’m too busy doing other stuff and watching sports. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have time.

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