I’m thinking of creating a spin-off of the music instruction aspect of this blog. I would still post completed music projects here and otherwise babble my random rantings, but also create a new blog for this special interest. The questions are: Should I? And how?

I seem to have licked the problem of creating videos and otherwise providing graphic explanations (I intend to get better). Part of what bothers me is that it is too one dimensional. I am not teaching performance and an important part of writing music is, quite honestly, poking at something physical just to see how it squeaks or purrs, getting inspiration from that.

The thoughts go along the lines of teaching piano performance from day one, along with theory, song writing, lyric writing, and concerns related to recording on other days. The main thing preventing me from doing this is the expense. It cost me a hundred bucks to have this blog the way I want it with the music players in the right hand column and the ability to have resident videos. That’s enough for the music blog as well, give or take some extra storage. I don’t want to pay for the right to teach people who should instead, if anything, be paying me. This reasoning brought me to the notion of starting a Kickstarter project to fund doing such a blog.

To create a Kickstarter project, I’d have to create a video of what it is all about and also explain what I’m up to. Both are relatively easy at least to conceptualize. But what about the levels of funding? Let the brainstorming begin:

$0 – Silent Partner. The blog will be publicly accessible, but to post comments and ask questions you must be a little more vocal. The Supreme Court ruled that money is speech.

$10 – Student. You get the public access and the right to impact the content with your questions and comments. If you don’t understand something I will address it directly.

$100 (Limited to 100) – Pupil. All of the above and five thirty-minute personal Skype lessons within the next year. You feel confident that you can learn on your own but you will probably get stuck here and there and foresee a need for a little personal attention.

$500 (Limited to 20) – Aspiring Artist. Same as Pupil except you get forty half-hour Skype lessons through the year. I can and will do it throughout the year on a weekly basis but lets allow for vacations, sickness, and the rest of life’s little surprises on both our ends.

$1,000 (Limited to 10) – Benefactor of the Arts. All of the above, as you like, and you think I’m asking too little and that there should be more of this sort of thing available to all. You also want to see what I can come up with if I had some real cash to work with.

– – –

That’s the sort of thing bouncing around in my head. The thing would “fund” at two thousand dollars, with stretch goals beyond that going toward better equipment, particularly a good video camera (and paying me more so I can devote more time to it).

Anyone have any comments or ideas on this?

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