Music Theory – 0026

Here’s another video experiment. This time I tried both capturing my image with my webcam while recording my voice with my separate microphone. At the same time I was capturing the computer screen and the computer’s internal audio. A friend that has been following the music theory blogs sent me a song, or part of a song, he and his little boy wrote together and I use this today to demonstrate how to enter and then edit a song in NotePad. The video is twelve minutes and 40 seconds long and I won’t be doing that again any time soon. 136 Meg is too large of a file to be posting directly on my blog since there is a limited amount of space I am allowed. Those who don’t need help could jump forward if they are curious to see the end result. I keep it simple.

There are a couple speaking errors in the video. The first time I move a note I highlight it and then without explaining move it with the down cursor arrow. Also, toward the end I say that the original song was made only using the C Major scale when I should have instead said that it only uses the C Major chord. My purpose here is to show how to smooth that chord out so the melody is not merely jumping around those three notes of C, E, and G.

So without further ado, here is a long video for those having trouble and particularly for E&E. From now on I’ll just use video to demonstrate how to do a specific thing and will not ramble on in real time doing an entire project.

One criticism of my own alterations is that my melody does not really work with the words at a certain point. The original actually worked better in that respect. Oops!

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