Testing One Two Testing

I spent a little money and now I have a shiny new microphone and video screen capturing software. With a little practice I think I can start doing videos showing how to use NotePad effectively in the Music Theory exercises and who knows what else I might decide to do. I haven’t tried to capture a video of my smiling face yet so the suspense builds! For now you will have to settle for my voice.

What follows is a 90 second video including audio output from the end result of “Music Theory – 0025” from last time. After that, on the same video I include the 15 second pirate theme from the Kickstarter project The Daring Adventures of Lucy Smokeheart. It’s not too late to get in on the fun and this serial novel has funded so it is guaranteed to happen.

See you tomorrow with whatever bizarre nonsense that comes to mind. Later!

One thought on “Testing One Two Testing

  1. I click LIKE because you are so over my head and it impresses me … you kind of remind me of Mr. Holland’s Opus… True to yourself and everyone you teach (me included)!

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