Prescription Drug Prices

I just wanted to drop a quick bit of info here, I don’t know if I’ll count this as my blog posting for the day. I called the local pharmacy to refill my wife Cathy’s Metformin prescription which is for diabetics. That isn’t the point. What is important is that the nice man from the pharmacy informed me that the prescription is cheaper without medical insurance than with it, basically $10 vs $14. I call this insurance fraud, fraud by my very good medical insurance. I already know that most generic drugs cost less than my copay. Something is wrong here.

6 thoughts on “Prescription Drug Prices

  1. Check with Family Fare. It may be free. Meijer has been doing Metformin free for some time and I think I heard or saw an ad for Family Fare it’s doing the same. Miss you guys on FB!

  2. I don’t like the “being held hostage” aspect of getting free Metformin. You go there, have to wait 40 minutes, and that forces you to shop. We have done the free thing in the past and sitting there while ice cream melts or whatever has really put us off. Family Fare would be the best choice because its close and we do shop there. I’ll consider that one. Walmart might do it as well but I only go there as a last resort. We are now getting your Costco bacon, BTW.

    We do miss you and a few others on FaceBook, but we absolutely do not miss FaceBook or the way it makes us behave so far as all the obvious liking and reposting of memes. It just necessarily makes us do things in a way that repulses me. Sometimes the box you are in molds who and what you are.

    I am glad you are tuned in here. That takes away some of the regret.

  3. We did the Family Fare free Metformin thing. The pharmacy insisted they never received the faxes to renew my prescription that were sent at least 4 times over a period of 2 or 3 weeks by my doctor’s office. I finally coerced the pharmacy into calling my doctor and getting it verbally, but what if I had not had an extra month of metformin on hand and that happened? If I had my druthers I would not buy a damn thing there, but I hate Walmart even more.

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