Duet for Timpani and Triangle

This simple piece is the Rosetta Stone of my music. Seriously. Note how I use as few instrument parts as possible, being a minimalist. Note how the triangle steals notes from the timpani. Notice how sometimes the ending note of a phrase is delayed in a certain way. Listening to this a number of times and then listening to something else I’ve done should be highly enlightening and provide a sense of style in spite of the fact that in one piece I am imitating Pink Floyd, another is almost Neo-Classical, and yet another is Latin Folk (coming soon). These elements I list are what appear to be my style across styles.

Just under a minute, Duet for Timpani and Triangle is in one of the players in the righthand column. Get out your triangle and play along!

2 thoughts on “Duet for Timpani and Triangle

  1. Oddly, some people really like this one, like it is their favorite of all I’ve ever done. Light and shadow, sound and rest. I need to stress that more. Taxes and tons of driving when I get up tomorrow, I hope to have the time and energy to post something. Bed time now.

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