Music Theory – 0014

It’s time to demonstrate Triple Meter. This isn’t going to sound all that good in NotePad because the Tempo controls in the player don’t seem to work. If anyone finds a way to adjust that please let me know. If you are using something other than NotePad then look for a way to alter the Tempo (speed) to make it sound right.

This is some pretty generic stuff using a standard Bass Line. I had a bit of a hard time putting this together because I felt I had to avoid “Blue Notes” which are notes that do not belong to the C Major Scale. The Blues Scale is a very valuable scale for soloing in pop music and we will get to that eventually.

My purpose here is to just have you experience the feel of Triple Meter. Make a project with six measures in Twelve Eight time. Use the piano. Here is my watered down little piece:


The reason for six measures is so that the last measure is not spread out over the entire line. Should you choose to enter this you can click the picture to make it a little bigger and then copy off that (true with most of the examples in this series). Notice how NotePad groups the Eighth Notes when there are enough in a row to fill an entire beat. It beams three together because it takes three to make a beat. Remember, in Twelve Eight time a Dotted Quarter Note gets the beat.

I provide a version that will play twice as fast using Six Eight time instead:


This plays too fast in NotePad. I tried. I suggest only entering the first one.

This is the first four Measures or “Bars” of what is called Twelve Bar Blues. This very much wants to now go to the F Major Chord. I do need to explain why soon and I will. Today is for exploring Triple Meter and to get in some note entry practice.

Next time we’ll have a much simpler piece to look at going back and forth between two chords. Also, at some point, you should be attempting to make your own simple pieces based on the logic I present here or just by following your instincts. If you make up a simple piece or ever part of one, you ought to now be able to put it into NotePad. It helps to have an instrument in your hands for exploration although you can do it purely with a tool such as NotePad.

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