Space Traveler

JimHundleyThis is an interesting piece of music. While I was on MySpace back around 2007 I met some musicians from the Netherlands (Holland). A very cool online music community there, one I should try to explore here on WordPress if there is one. I found a guy named Jim Hundley who wrote folk songs and this one song really grabbed me, a song called Space Traveller. I heard a lot of potential in that folk song strummed in simple chords and spoken like telling a story. I wrote him and asked if I could redo the instrumentation and he agreed.

[I wrote a long article about this and accidentally and permanently deleted it. It’s been a long day for me gathering up everything I need for tax time.]

I redid Mr. Hundley’s song Space Traveler, only having him re-record his vocal so I could adjust his voice with the other instrument tracks I made. I was in Thailand, he was in Holland (The Netherlands). E-mail attachments are a wonderful thing.

I used medium-high strings for that expansive space feel, a crunchy guitar sound for rhythm, a solid bass sound, and a piercing synthesized lead. For my music theory followers, notice how the bass line doesn’t just sit there on the root of the chord, it is constantly playing its own little melody. The bass matters!

Jim Hundley wrote the song and did the vocals, everything else was done by myself with a music keyboard and computer. If you care to listen it is in one of the music players in the right-hand column. 5 minutes in length. Crank this one up.

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