The Kalib Etude

SylvanKalibWhat I wouldn’t give to have my 25-year-old hands back. These damaged 55-year-old hands will just have to do, I suppose.

Neo-Impressionism. I wrote this back in college in about 1982 while getting my music degree, named after my theory teacher Dr. Sylvan Kalib. Instead of taking notes in music theory class I made these notes. Intervalic expansion starting with purely chromatic lines expanding to a whole tone scale and then . . . aw forget it, explaining what is going on doesn’t add to or subtract from the music.

I spent the last couple of weeks trying to piece this back together. Now the wife can get some peace and quiet for a few days until I start up on something else. The Kalib Etude is in one of the players in the right hand column if you care to listen, just two-and-a half minutes long.

What little I am able to grasp about music I learned from this great teacher. I could do no less than dedicate this piece to him.

6 thoughts on “The Kalib Etude

  1. Wow, Jim! Just got through listening, and enjoying “The Kalib Etude.” I played it three times, as I wanted to enjoy your well executed techniques. As a professional musician, I salute you. I have two brothres, a brother-in-law, as well as a nephew, who are classical pianists. I don’t know if Dr. Kalib is still alive, but he would be proud of you. Blessings, my friend. Keep blessing the world with your gift.

    • I honestly don’t know if he’s still alive either. I don’t even remember if I ever played this for him back in the day. 31 years later and I finally made a recording, having completely forgot about it. Your words are very kind.

    • Lovely of you to say that, Diane. I wonder if I am actually working toward that. This blog is a graduation and growth from Facebook which I rather ceremoniously left back in November 2012. I’ve needed this space and this forum on WordPress to ruminate. Currently I’ve been laying out how to write music, both teaching a friend in Australia from scratch and for myself trying to really understand how it all works in a simple and effective way. I need to keep doing that for at least a little while longer.

      The real puzzler for me is: Where do I go from here once I’m ready? It is one thing to be good enough and quite another to become known. I did recently do a brief commercial piece for a Transmedia creator that will likely result in a little actual cash, probably $200 for fifteen seconds of music which is not bad for a day’s work, and maybe that will lead somewhere. But honestly, I simply don’t know how to break out and do something more than what I’m currently doing. It bugs me.

      I am working at developing needed skills; specifically I am making a project out of the song Finding Diane. I need to be better and faster at producing a quality finished product and I’m using “your” song as a means toward that end. When I finish this response I’m going to shift over to doing just that.

      The rigors of performing live is no longer something I am physically capable of doing. I know that with certainty. But I can write and I want to be better able to make things either for other people to perform or to be used as a part of something else. Those things I can do but I need to be better at the whole process and that is what I am now aggressively pursuing.

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