On This Day

Take these flowers

Which I am obligated to give

On this contrived day

Where I’m required

To act better

And buy things

And humor you

And be all the things

That I am not.

– – –

It’s just people

Wanting our money

I hate them

And their over-priced wares

Taking advantage

Of our bond.

– – –

In spite of Hallmark

The candy makers

The flower sellers

The restaurants

And all their greed . . .

– – –

There’s a reason

I do this

Setting aside the things

I so care about

On this day.

– – –

I swallow my pride

Forget my convictions

I play the game

Do my very best

To make you feel special.

– – –

You deserve so much more

than I could ever hope to give.

Let’s stay home

On the fourteenth

So I can give you

As much as I possibly can

The day after

When things are on sale.

– – –

Breakfast in bed

A day all our own

Then we do the town

When the suckers

Are back home.

– – –

I love you dearly Cathy. Every day is Valentine’s Day for me. Please never forget that.

3 thoughts on “On This Day

  1. Awwww, you are so sweet. You spoil me thoroughly, and not just on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy your home made brownies as I enjoyed my breakfast-in-bed made to order. I love you dearly.

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