My 100th Post

100I started this blog on November 10, 2012 with the intent of writing an article each and every day for a year to see what would come of it. It is a good outlet for whatever I might want to rant about, and if I wish to advertise myself I can direct people here. My business card, for example, directs potential piano students here. I have learned a few things in this brief three months that I’d like to share.

First off, simply putting up a blog and posting every day does not instantly get you millions of fans. I do have 35 e-mail followers at this specific moment in time and I do expect that number to grow as that tiny number has been increasing almost daily of late. I have no idea how many RSS followers I have but I do know of some. My lowest number of page hits, oddly, was six days ago at an abysmal 3, and my highest number of page hits in a single day so far has been 123. Early on my goal was to maintain a growing number of page hits such that each day I would average one more page hit; this has not at all happened but I will say that each month has increased with January having 114 visitors viewing 833 pages. Looking day to day can be discouraging, but watching the monthly total grow is much easier to take. I do know that if my wife reads my blog from her own computer while logged into her own wordpress account I do not get a visitor or page hit and that makes me wonder just how accurate those counts are. If she views it from her iPad, again logged into wordpress, I do get a visitor and page hit.

The numbers are something to obsess about, but I’m really more about substance. This is my forum for ideas, opinions, and a display of my art as a musician. My reason for paying the extra hundred bucks for the “pro” version of wordpress was to eliminate “wordpress” from the URL and also to be able to post more kinds of files. The widgets to display my own music in an orderly fashion over in the right-hand column was worth the money all by itself. I will say that if reactions to my musical posts are a measure of whether I should try to market my own music or not then, well, I shouldn’t quit my day job. Still, the music is my pride and even if no one else regularly listens it is an easy way for me to listen to my own stuff. I still have a little backlog of music to post on days when I don’t have the time or energy to write a proper article.

I have discovered a way to make what feels like a close friend through this whole blogging community. What you do is to find a blog/person you enjoy and then go to the beginning of their blog, read each article, and post a thoughtful comment on each one. I’ve done this three times now and it is very time consuming and it also prevents you from exploring a lot of different blogs and getting more followers in the process. I guess I should not be surprised at the result of poring through someone’s blog. How many people take the time to really focus in on what you say, on everything you have to say? You get to know them really well, and as you comment and the comments flow back and forth, they get to know you as well. Now think of their spouse or best friend not religiously following their blog but you do. How does that not have a profound effect on both of you? I will say that my wife reads my articles each and every day and I read her infrequent posts and that has not hurt our relationship at all.

There are highlights here that I will point out in closing. Apart from the music which is easy to get at and highly subject to individual taste I will list a select few posts of my own that I think stand out and are worth looking at:

There are others but those stand out for me without having to browse back. Moving forward I have a novel that I’m going to attempt to write. I have been laying the ground work here recently and next up I will describe the authoring software Scrivener that I will be using to help put that book together. It was suggested to me by my step daughter Andrea Phillips who is currently a twice published author and one of the top few in her field of Transmedia Storytelling — her textbook on the subject is currently used at major universities.

3 thoughts on “My 100th Post

  1. Jim, Congrats on your hundredth post. That is pretty amazing. I might reach that number in a few hundred years 🙂 🙂 Your dedication and thoughtfulness is something to be admired – and I do. I must admit Headless Dolls is one of my favorites as well. I literally never forgot it and read a lot of blogs. Good luck on all of your endeavors. I am sure they will be worth the read. Cheers.

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