Pink Amber

PinkTrebleClefI wrote a rather long letter today that burned out my blogging muscle and focus. Instead of leaving a blank day here I thought I’d post my first piece of music produced through a computer.

I had previously damaged the thumbs in both my hands and completely gave up music for seven years. Then someone suggested I check out Apple’s new (at the time) Garage Band and I wrote “Pink Amber” with it in three hours including figuring out the program.

Just a scant minute long, it’s over there in one of the players in the right-hand column. Echoing bass, filter sweeps, biting pitch-bending lead, and an eerie feel.


3 thoughts on “Pink Amber

  1. So sorry, I think that one was my fault. I had no idea that you gave ,music up for seven years! So glad for all of our sakes that you are back. What happened? Hey Pink Amber cut out half way through? Is it my computer? I like how you are so diversified! Spelling?

    • I’ve had two longstanding injuries that continue to chronically bother me, not from playing football but from badminton and from shoveling snow. My ability to play music will always be hampered by the snow shoveling. I damaged a disc in my back with badminton repeatedly leaping away from the net, twisting in the air, slamming the shuttlecock back, and then landing.

      With my hands I was in a hurry to finish shoveling very deep and heavy snow. I repeatedly lifted so much that on each shovelful I could not keep my hands clenched and with all that weight lifted with opened hands put a tearing force on my thumbs, with four fingers grasping the handle without the thumb. Many women do similar damage to their hands repeatedly lifting children with open hands grabbing the kids under their armpits. A lot of older ladies develop the same sort of problem from repetition and age, but I was lifting much more weight and I knew it happened while I did it. Much, not all, has recovered and I have adjusted my technique so I can do much but not all of what I used to do.

      If a song stops halfway through your service likely “dropped a packet” and the easiest solution is to reload the page. I think the players are Java based so having updated Java or changing browsers can help a lot. I use Chrome to good effect.

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