They Take too Much – 0011

GreenwichClockThe issue of keeping time when looking at the world globally is a complete mess. Even looking at the confusion within the USA should be enough to make one burst out laughing. When a sporting event is broadcast live it might be at noon Eastern Time which is 3 PM Pacific Time and God help either coast in figuring out when the game is on if it is announced as being broadcast from the perspective of Central time. When you factor in that some areas do daylight savings time while others don’t, coordinating activities within one large country can be an absolute mess.

The calendar is less messy but the number of days in each month need not range from 28 to 31, particularly if each level of government is to meet monthly with every multiple third day of the month reserved for the next level of government to meet. February does not have a thirtieth day for the top level meeting even during leap year.

To accommodate the meeting schedule and make each month more orderly to plan, each month will be adjusted to 30 days, with the five days left over at the end of the year being the festival season; during leap year, the festival will have a sixth day as the grandest holiday of all.

Time of day needs to be untangled and can be made to suit a decimal system. Since everyone’s clock will read the same time throughout the world for better scheduling and communication, we may as well redo the clock. The daily cycle can begin from any point on Earth and might as well be kept where it is now in Greenwich, London. Let’s break down a day by successive increments of ten:


Assuming some theorists are correct in stating that most people need never work given today’s level of industry and automation, I’m going to go with a minimum required work period. This Period will be one tenth of a day — a deciday — and will be 2 hours and 24 minutes of traditional time. I imagine each 30-day month will be divided into three ten-day weeks and the work week would be six days of work and four days off, ignoring government meetings.

So our new world standards keep a 12 month year with each month containing 30 days, the remainder is the Festival Holiday. There will be three ten-day weeks with a six day work week with about fifteen traditional hours minimum of work each week. We also have a metric day where each successively smaller unit is one tenth the size of the one immediately larger.

I would assume those not doing menial tasks will take it on themselves to work longer hours because they are more following their natural calling. Musicians will likely practice more than one period and computer programmers tend to sometimes work more than a solid day at a stretch puzzling out code. Instead of a minimum wage there will be a minimum period of work.

Other details.

I assume english will emerge as the world language since it is predominant in a number of countries and often where it is not primary it is the second language. I will go with this assumption even though there may be a better choice. It is more important that with the world government there will be a world primary language for doing business and pursuing education in general. No secondary language will be forbidden, just not used for official public business where everyone should understand what is going on.

There will be no established official world religion, although all religions will be allowed to be practiced freely. Evangelizing to people who don’t want to hear it will be considered a crime of forced inclusion, trying to influence someone against their will. One may ask another if they want to hear the “Word,” but if the other person says “no” then it must stop there. The same would apply for any sort of invitation to a relationship. Bullying of any sort is a crime that will result in some form of immediate exclusion at the discretion of the governing area.

[I seem to have laid enough groundwork for my fictional democratic communism. I suppose all that remains is to start crafting a novel which will result in this “utopia.” This may take some time to actually get started and we shall see if I can actually do it.]

2 thoughts on “They Take too Much – 0011

  1. I would love to read a novel set in the world you are describing. But how about other mediums that don’t tie you down in the same way a novel does? Interactive fiction? How about boardgames to highlight how some of the systems would work? A boardgame modelling the political system you’ve described with the aim of becoming world honcho would be interesting.

    • With luck you can read it here as I write it. I’m hoping I can plow through it.

      What you are talking about with interactive fiction and games, that is something Cathy’s daughter does. She’s one of the top handful in her field. Major universities use the textbook she wrote on Transmedia Storytelling. It is very much about telling a story through different media and through games.

      Interesting you would bring that up. As I get into it, if you get an idea for a related game . . .

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