They Take too Much – 0009

History repeats.

NukeBefore Castro, United States corporations set up business in Cuba. Castro didn’t like it. When he came into power he threw out the corporations that were raping his beautiful country with reckless industry. The big money people mobilized our government and armed forces to create an embargo stopping all trade with Cuba which put them in desperate straits. This forced Cuba into an alliance with the USSR and only because of capitalism and greed we came to the brink of nuclear war.

I saw on the news the other day that gun control was equated with acting like Hitler in that Hitler took away all his people’s guns to better control them. Talk to a historian about that. After World War I the Allies forcibly took away all the guns from the german people. We did that. The severe reparations and restrictions on Germany by the Allies forced Germany into starting World War II. Not only did Hitler not take away his people’s guns, he got guns back into his people’s hands as soon as he possibly could.

The United States has dropped bombs on one country or another every single year since we engaged in World War II with the exception of two years immediately after the Viet Nam War. We are a country of war mongers using violence to impose our capitalist will as measured by our country’s behavior. Allowing everyone to have guns promotes this warrior mentality. We don’t need to hunt for sport, we farm animals for meat. There are other ways to control the population of deer.

There is a popular notion that anyone can work hard and become wealthy. If that is true then why are there households where the single mother works 12 hours each day only to barely subsist, going deeper and deeper into debt? The unlikely miracle that someone creates or discovers something and then becomes rich in the process of working hard is akin to someone purchasing a lottery ticket and becoming a millionaire. It could happen and does, but almost everyone who buys into these notions is not going to succeed.

The theme repeated here is propaganda.

We lie to our people about the evils of socialism even as we economically and militarily attack and provoke socialists into war. We tell our people we are superior to other countries when the only reason we are wealthier is the nature of the ground beneath our feet being loaded with natural resources and arable land.

In truth the United States of America is a socialist country. About fifty percent of our national income goes into the military, which is not privatized — it is socialist. Our infrastructure of roads, police, fire department, social security, the IRS, schools, are all paid for by the government and are thus socialist institutions. The list of our socialist tendencies goes on and on. The things we are most proud of are socialist entities.

The family unit and the family values we are so fond of are communist. One or two adults provide and ultimately own things and the children might or might not have chores. The children live in a communist environment where things only seem to be theirs. For that matter, if you think you own your home, stop paying your mortgage or even just stop paying your property taxes and after a while “your” home will be taken away from you, forcibly if necessary.

We are fed propaganda about Castro and Hitler, socialism and communism, and the mythical American Dream. We are being brainwashed constantly so that we accept our menial fate in favor of the biggest villains: the uber rich capitalists who are the real causes of war and hardship in our own country and largely throughout the world.

You cannot get rich without taking unfair advantage of people’s efforts and the world’s resources. If everyone were paid what they were worth then no one would become wealthier than anyone else. If the slaves refuse to pick cotton then the plantation mansion goes away no matter how long and hard bossman works. As we all contribute what we can we should all share the fruits of our labors with each other; or, we can continue to be hapless pawns and continue to donate the value of what we do to those at the top. It need not be.

They take too much.

5 thoughts on “They Take too Much – 0009

  1. A little addendum. I am not a fan of either Castro or Hitler although in some ways I do admire Castro. Hitler and his regime did many horrible things, but some things they did were good. It is not good to throw away the baby with the bathwater no matter how much bathwater there might be.

  2. Absolutely the best post in this series. I was taught that the Soviet countries control their populace with propaganda back in the 4th grade. My instant thought was “How do I know if our government is doing this, too?” Fifty years later, I know my country is using propaganda. We cannot miss seeing on the news that, Oh! Look! Lindsay Lohan is behaving badly again! while it is not reported that Oh! Look! The last two presidents have taken away our 4th Amendment rights!

  3. Propaganda is defintely a problem. Last year I removed from my life all ‘news’ sources that I considered tainted and was left with 0. Radio, TV, news blogs, none of them were clean. This year we’ve gone back to subcribing to the local paper, it’s in the driveway every morning and it at least shows some analysis.

    I think I was happier not knowing what was going on, but it was becoming socially unacceptable.

    • I do try to avoid the news in general, maybe it is more to the point that I take great interest once in a while and then it bores me. It disturbs me the way the news media will all zero in on one person when there are many thousands in the exact same plight. At least they could take one tragedy and use it to show the larger picture and scope of the situation in general.

      I do feel they are trying to manipulate and distract, to sway and entertain. At the same time there are ratings to be garnered there is also some agenda, even if that agenda is to distract me from some other matter of greater import.

      The tech press amuses me. One source conjectures about Apple coming out with some sort of smart watch and suddenly all sources are talking about it. They are like lemmings all flocking to the story of the moment whether it has any substance or not. Fortunately I have my own focus and my own agenda to keep me on track. There is my wife and my household, my blog and my music, the novel I am going to attempt.

      The news that affects me most is the weather. I try to plan shopping around conditions such as snow and other foul weather.

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