They Take too Much – 0008


We waste so much in our society today. If we want to have more of what we need and enjoy, we must eliminate the things that wastefully sit idle most of the time. In my case I am 55-year-old retiree who owns a car. We are about to get 6-12 inches of snow. I don’t want to have to deal with that so yesterday we went to the grocery store and made sure we had enough food so we don’t have to go out in all that mess unless we choose to. I don’t want to deal with it.

Why do I have a car? I drove 5 minutes to the grocery, shopped for half an hour, and then drove home. I am now happy to not use that car at all for a while. I’m using my car ten minutes total for an entire week.

What I could do instead, today in real life, is place a phone call to Barry County Transit and tell them where I am and where I want to go. For two dollars per head they will come and pick us up in a shuttle bus and take us one-way to our destination. When we are done shopping, for another two dollars each they will take us back home. That’s eight dollars total for two people round trip.

Look at the expense of owning a car. I wrote a 25K check for my car. I have to put gas in it, I have to have it maintained, I must buy insurance. I am further required to pay registration fees and to renew my license. If I am caught breaking a traffic law then there is a hefty fine and my insurance goes up. Also, there are more deaths due to traffic accidents than there are by all forms of gun shootings combined. There is all the bother of jumping through hoops. When you add it all up, owning a car is just plain stupid.

Efficient mass transit makes more sense than owning a car. What if we pooled all the money — all the resources — we spend on roads and cars and instead create a better way to do things? There have been various cities and countries that have tried or employed socialized bicycles. If you want to go somewhere you just take a bike from a nearby rack and pedal to where you want to go. When you arrive you put the bike in another rack and someone else takes that same bike or another and off they go. There is no point in stealing one of these bicycles if they are everywhere and always accessible. There would be no market for a stolen bike because everyone always has access to one. This could be done with cars as well, with all vehicles maintained and inspected regularly by mobile mechanics.

Why do I need to go to the store at all? If I want a new iPad and I don’t need to try one out because I’m already familiar, I just order it online and it is delivered to my home. No car, no socialized bicycles, no mass transit of my person. Done.

Let’s go with that iPad. Suppose I don’t have a car because it is a waste to own one. There is no currency so the vast monetary infrastructure doesn’t make everything hugely more expensive with artificial overhead. There is no profit motive at Apple Computer so it is provided at “cost”. In a communist system it would be reasonable for me to get an iPad just because I wanted one, because there are the resources to spare. If I used it regularly throughout the day it would be effectively mine. If I used it sparingly it would be shared with those in my dwelling place. If no one ever uses it, it should be reallocated elsewhere.

Occupations should largely be people following their bliss as supported by public demand. Many people do not have to be at their work location in order to do their jobs. If one must physically be at work then they should live nearby. If you were a musician, why would you not want to live in a structure that supports musical activity? If you were a writer why not live directly where there are vast resources and a writing community? Many people who work at a desk or talk to people and fill out forms could do that from any remote location. Transportation is an enormous headache and waste of time and resources. Take a walk. Relocate to another locale. But don’t spend what amounts to some people’s annual salary on a vehicle that sits and does nothing the great majority of the time.

Shopping can be done remotely such as purchases are made online today. A grocery delivery truck could load up and then deliver to many dwellings making one round trip instead of hundreds of individuals each using their own car. Waste. Give up your petty selfish ownership and instead of having little we could all be comparatively wealthy.

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