They Take too Much – 0007

DisasterReliefPriorities must move along a spectrum from subsistence to luxury, from necessity to opulence. When disaster strikes somewhere in the world, when there is an earthquake or hurricane, we need not donate to some charity but we must accept that we will have less while the world’s resources are directed toward correcting this strike of nature. People must subsist. People need shelter and food. That must always be our first priority.

As the world is developed to a proper level of subsistence other needs surface and with those needs come other occupations. No longer need everyone cooperate in the support of builders and farmers. Established subsistence maintained largely by automation would require little to no effort by most people. Industry and automation frees people from desperation. It is our needs and desires beyond subsistence that fuels the great work ethic. We begin to want comfort and enjoyment, and a great variety of tastes and preferences emerge.

Credit and appreciation are the coin of the realm. From this popularity and desire for luxury comes opportunity. If someone takes up guitar playing and becomes popular as measured in the number of people watching them play, they will be elevated from their menial role to professional status if they choose to accept. If someone excels at engineering then they might be offered a position of designer or architect. While subsistence is met and people in general are willing to take up the slack, those who excel in the arts and sciences can be freed up to do what they are best at should they be willing to take that role.

Certainly some would prefer their menial task and to merely putter with one or more avocations. Keep in mind that if you enjoy someone’s drawing and they do not turn pro, you can still watch them create by simply tuning them in. Perhaps there is no better way to learn than to watch a master and all they do to produce their art. Seeing someone go through the rigors to accomplish certain results might draw you in or make you think it is not worth the bother.

Education from crayons to PhD will be available to all, and no one will be compelled to be educated. All classes will be online and there will be centers for hands-on activities. One aspiring to be a cook would take online classes and help their local chef. One who aspires to be a carpenter would view online classes and assist builders. As subsistence is satisfied, popular desire will dictate demand, and as one succeeds one may elevate in occupation. Without capitalism there is still supply and demand, opportunity and potential to succeed. What the successful performer gets in return for their effort is appreciation, the roar of the crowd only those who excel will experience.

It all sounds like a popularity contest, but it is also competence based. Is it not better to excel and be liked than for a successful parent to hand off a thriving business to an incompetent offspring? All must do some minimal amount of work and all will enjoy the fruits of those who are driven and able to excel.

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