Black Cloud

AppleStoreNYMy wife Cathy and I were in New York City proper trying to get visas for our move to Thailand back in 2005. Once we arrived we couldn’t get the visas and were stranded with no place to go and four big suitcases in the pouring rain and no car. We stumbled into some Chinese restaurant just to get out of the rain. I felt lost and we were drenched and the restaurant wasn’t going to open for another hour or two. They took us in and fed us like we were homeless charity cases. Eventually we found a hotel with a room. Besides incredible food in seedy-looking places I most remember going to the first-ever brand-new Apple Store. I thought I knew pretty much everything there was to know about Apple computers but once we got down the stairs of the big glass cube there was a pretty young salesgirl touching up her makeup with the first newly-introduced Macbook and she was using the built-in webcam and the new Photobooth app. Webcams in laptops was a new thing and the girl was using the Macbook with the webcam and Photobooth like a make-up mirror. “Cathy,” I said to my wife with a cliché, “we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Back to the present.

The day got away from me today and my blog entry is still not ready. We woke up early today at 4 AM for no good reason, ate breakfast, and before I really got productive writing my blog article for the day we went back to bed and here it is now 7 PM. I have today’s article sketched out but it needs a lot of work.

Why don’t I just toss up a song I’ve written in the past and take the pressure off myself? Tomorrow is another day.

Here’s me playing with myself. Shut up! I wrote this duet for trumpet and piano and through the magic of a computer-based Digital Audio Workstation this was created solely by myself. The memory of New York and all that rain reminded me of this piece.

So here’s me dodging the blogging bullet and presenting one of my masterpieces. “Black Cloud” can be found and played in one of the music players over in the right-hand column. Done solely by me and myself, there is no “I” in duet.

One thought on “Black Cloud

  1. We had hotel reservations. But it was indeed a long wet trek, with luggage, from the Thai Consulate, and the kindness of the Chinese food place was indeed like manna from heaven.

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