They Take too Much – 0006

ApartmentBuildingWe now have a full blown democratic government that everyone must at least minimally participate in. Anyone at any time can watch anyone else. Even the lowliest individual who holds no office can spend a great deal of time watching every movement and hear every sound made by the top leader, The Director. The economic structure is communism and today we will examine dwellings.

Everything belongs to the world. Everyone is a member of the global family. We all are provided with a place to live. Care and maintenance of dwellings, food preparation, washing clothes, and other common chores are work which certain individuals willingly undertake. A great many people today are either incapable of or are unwilling to do highly-skilled jobs. Most of us already do menial kinds of labor and by personal limitation or choice this will not change. A maid will have the same dwelling options as The Director, as will everyone.

There will be different kinds of dwellings for different sorts of people and all dwellings will be maintained by specialists. Everyone will be provided a maid, a cook, and maintenance personnel. Obviously a maid, for example, will service a number of dwellings or rooms. If there are not enough people willing to be maids then people will do for themselves in this respect.

There can be hermit cottages and various sized family or group dwellings. Maintenance and service personnel will do their rounds to keep things tidy, clean, and in good repair. Prepared food will be provided. One may choose to do things oneself, and if so your unofficial handiwork will be checked instead of done by these various workers.

Let us look at one example of a group dwelling.

An entire neighborhood of one-hundred people could all live in a common building. This has a number of benefits as the resources allocated to each individual as dictated by the overall wealth of the world can be pooled. This affords 100 shares of collective wealth to one larger dwelling. This might afford a large common area with a theater sized entertainment screen, pool tables, or whatever is desired and attainable by the residents.

There would be a large kitchen and food stores with food being prepared restaurant or cafeteria style. One could prepare one’s own food at convenient times. Imagine not having your own kitchen and never having to cook. Imagine not having to clean or maintain your personal dwelling space. But do keep in mind every able man, woman, and child will have a job doing something somewhere.

Such dwelling accommodations have great social impact. In a divorce there will still be the emotional hurt and decisions to be made about children, but there will be no financial chains forcing people to stay together. Children themselves could emancipate at an earlier age. The entire social dynamic between people could drastically change.

Since there are no possessions, relocating should be as easy as leaving one dwelling and taking residence in another. Communities will naturally create and sort themselves over time where like minded people will choose to reside. Perhaps a cook who enjoys listening to music might want to do his job in a neighborhood dwelling full of musicians. One could get variety by simply deciding to live somewhere else for a time instead of taking a proper vacation. Such decisions will be a function of need, desire, and availability.

To some extent choice of dwelling and choice of occupation are intertwined. Tomorrow I will lay out people’s work requirement and how location for work activity will be more important to some than to others.

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