They Take too Much – 0005

MonitorCamI have covered how cash allows for secret transactions which make committing crimes much easier than it would otherwise be. In the government voting system everyone in each group of ten knows how each person votes. In both cases, privacy was eliminated and thus directly cheating the system is dampened if not eliminated entirely. We must now debunk the issue of privacy in its own right.

Cameras everywhere.

Today, in real life, we are getting progressively more used to the invasiveness of cameras. They are everywhere. Stores have cameras, parking lots have cameras, and everywhere you go people have video cameras in their phones.

Cameras are for fun and cameras are for recording crimes; indeed, cameras have recorded gross police conduct. They work to record the good and the bad. With a complete invasiveness of cameras everywhere no crime need ever be unwitnessed, no precious moment need ever be lost.

We are used to our current level of camera invasiveness to the extent that we are no longer consciously aware of them while in stores and on roads. With more cameras, with cameras literally everywhere, what would seem a horrible invasion of privacy at first would become common place, even relied upon.

The bad: you can’t get away with anything and you never have true privacy.

The good: no crime against you need ever go unsolved and anything good that happens by luck or design will be recorded.

With the complete elimination of victimless crimes the need for privacy is greatly diminished. So having cameras everywhere inside and outside your home could not serve to catch you doing anything wrong while alone, but it would record child beatings, rapes, and all forms of violence and forced inclusion. The good far outweighs the bad; indeed, to me personally it is all good.

If every moment of everyone’s life were recorded, government officials could be highly scrutinized, any court case could be witnessed by all. Maybe the greatest personal outrage of all would be lost privacy in the bedroom. It is difficult to imagine, but even in intimate moments I would suggest that even there we would get used to being recorded. There would be a transitional time of embarrassment, but ultimately one would come to realize that it is no big deal.

Today in real life I would trade my every moment recorded in exchange for being able to track every moment of certain politicians’ actions and words.

Worried about your child? You can see them any time. Worried about where your spouse is? You can locate them and watch and listen any time. Did a musician finally perform something to absolute perfection in practice? That’s recorded too. Ultimately, and here’s the catch, who you are watching and who is watching you would be fully disclosed.

So you can watch anyone all you want at all times, and you can know who exactly is watching you. The fascinating dynamic here is not the potentially great number of people who might be watching me, but the ultimate depression that might result if I realized no one is ever watching me at all. Surely being watched masturbating in the shower seems horribly embarrassing, but I think I would be much more saddened if no one ever watched me practice and play the piano.

In the grand scheme of things over time, we would not care if our day-to-day activities were monitored and recorded constantly, and we would ultimately be distressed by a camera not working because only then are we open to crimes of violence and forced inclusion with no necessity of clear justice. I would ask you to spend a day thinking about when you would not want someone watching you, or when it would bother you most; consider just why that is in the context that everything you do to and with yourself is necessarily legal unless you intentionally harm something or someone.

My fictional utopia will have cameras watching and recording everywhere. It will serve to capture all of life’s precious moments, it will drastically eliminate crime and provide swift justice, it will provide complete transparency at all levels everywhere, and at the same time help us get over the nature of people and their very natural animal needs. It is time we started getting real, otherwise we cannot adequately take care of each other.

Sometimes I wish I could look in on the old neighbor lady next door, just to make sure she hasn’t fallen and can’t get up, maybe she fell and hit her head on the tub. In a different world we could literally look after one another.

2 thoughts on “They Take too Much – 0005

  1. This is obviously, by FAR, your most controversial one. It would be interesting to observe the long term effect of this on a group of people.

    • The short term effect would be outrage, I’m sure. Not to worry, this is indeed by far the most outrageous thing. A lot of things will be logical outcomes of what I’ve laid out so far. Much of the rest are logical extensions in various ways that are not obvious.

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