They Take too Much – 0004

StopSignWhen a stop sign is placed at an intersection, a law is imposed on drivers. Some people will honor the stop sign and others will, to varying degrees, ignore it by either merely slowing down or even driving right through it. Before the stop sign was imposed there was no possibility of breaking the stopping law; now that it is imposed, there will be people who disobey it. Only because of this new law will there be new criminals. In this sense then, making a law causes criminal activity.

In a perfect world things would be set up to suit human nature in such a way that everyone’s needs and wants are catered to and no laws are needed. If the society we are building here eventually produces that then so be it. Unfortunately from our perspective today that cannot be the case; we can, however, move things drastically in that direction. Already, there is no money and there is a participative democratic republic. Now we must keep things as simple as possible and define global laws.

At the global level there will be no such thing as a victimless crime. There will be strict laws forbidding two things: crimes of violence and crimes of forced participation.

A crime of violence is committed against a noun; against a person, place, animal, or thing. A crime of forced participation would be compelling someone to do something against their will.

Criminal penalties will take the form of exclusion. Extreme cases such as murder and rape will take the form of imprisonment or execution. Imprisonment would be exclusion from public life, execution would be exclusion from life.

It would be to society’s benefit to prefer imprisonment. Prisoners will do the work that other people don’t want to do — that is least popular — which can also be done within the confines of a prison. If, for example, no one likes to make bricks from which buildings could be constructed, then criminals will be compelled to make bricks. The laws of forced inclusion and the right to vote in public elections is rescinded while in prison.

Life in prison will be much like life anywhere else. There may even be a government built among the prisoners in the same fashion as the world government, but they must work their system within the confines and requirements of the prison, which is their world while incarcerated. Length of imprisonment will be a function of severity of crime and the sensibility of the prevailing juror(s).

As an example outside the scope of major crime and imprisonment, let us assume that a particular town or village wants to be a christian community. Locally they can require people to attend church, to never consume alcohol, and to have heterosexual marriage. Anyone in this community can decide to leave if they don’t like the local law. An individual who refuses to cooperate may be excluded from the community. Not to worry, one can relocate to another community, say, where nudity and drunken orgies are considered acceptable. The world is large enough to accomodate many and varied life styles and levels of taste and tolerance. No one need be denied.

In the case above with the christian community, compelled inclusion is forbidden by global law, but exclusion by means of local law is allowed. Imprisonment is only for those flagrantly breaking global law. It is assumed that most decisions of voluntary inclusion and exclusion and any resultant relocation would be mutual. Most such things will naturally sort themselves as communities are formed.

Thus through the practice of law there is great freedom to gather into like-minded communities. Anything one does alone in the privacy of their own home apart from the intentional wanton destruction of their current private space is legal. As there is no money and ultimately there will be no personal possessions, intentionally damaging any property would be destroying something that belongs to the world at large.

I will expand on such matters as property, dwellings, personal relationships, relocation, and the distribution of food and other goods in future articles.

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