They Take too Much – 0003


Jesus was a communist. Some might argue that he was instead a socialist. I won’t argue the distinction. He went about curing the sick and disabled, dispensing free health care. He gave out free food at a famous sermon, again not charging for his speech or the food. All religions at their core are about helping each other for the sake of giving without the condition of being repaid. Core family values, the ones we hold so very dearly, are along these same lines. We do not pay our son to cut the grass only to then charge him for lunch. The grass needs cutting, our son needs feeding. We do for each other. That is the way the world should work — always.

What if there was no money?

How would crime be transacted if, firstly, there was no currency? When one person gives another cash, there need be no record of a transaction. One person receives an ounce of cocaine, he gives in return a stack of one-hundred-dollar bills, and it is impossible to trace without visually witnessing the transaction. Currency is inherently evil because it allows us to do things that are accepted as wrong, it makes committing crimes convenient. Currency encourages and thus causes crime.

When one uses a plastic card instead of cash it becomes possible to trace exchanges to a significant extent. The problem with such electronic transactions is that the financial institutions that track and move money by computer charge a fee and do so at a profit. This ridiculous overhead for an intermediary tracking transactions compounds the expense of everything we buy. Eliminate this tracking of exchange of numbers for purchasing goods and everything becomes cheaper. If we eliminate the whole chain of tracking money from product design to gathering resources to creating the product to warehousing to retail distribution to sales at the cash register, you eliminate a mountain of artificial fees.

If we do away with the whole concept of money altogether then everything automatically becomes cheaper and more honest. Crime could only be done by trading goods, and we can eliminate banking, credit agencies, the IRS, the Mint, stock exchanges, etc. Huge layers of bureaucracy throughout the world, their expense and their effort in man hours, could instead be put to better use. Without the overhead of these things, everything in life becomes cheaper, and when all the effort and equipment supporting these nonsensical artificial expenses is redirected into productive work instead, everything becomes more affordable.

Ultimately, there should be no money. If we all do our jobs and take only what we need, everyone could have more things and more free time. These issues of crime, work, and possessions need to be examined in future articles.

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