They Take too Much – 0002

PyramidSquareTo have a truly fair and representative form of government everyone must participate in that government. I have designed a tiered system of democratic republic where everyone is a member with voting rights only at their level. One need not actively participate at the very bottom rung, but there are regular monthly meetings that one must attend as a duty either in person or by video feed. In this system it is possible, however unlikely, that one could move from the very bottom all the way to leader of the world in one month’s time.

This model assumes a world population of 10 billion people. If there are more or less people in the world then the model will simply be adjusted to accomodate the difference. Still, it is beneficial to lay out the theoretical groundwork. Let us first examine how the dynamic of a group of ten individuals at the bottom would operate and build from there. The model does, after all, operate from the bottom upwards, and each tier of government will work in a similar manner.

Each group of individuals will meet in groups of ten. This could be two or three families. Anyone who can coherently express their wants and needs is required to meet in a group once each month. Each member gets a turn to express what they wish uninterrupted for a few minutes. Discussion may ensue after each speaker and no one has to speak at all if they do not wish, but the opportunity is there. Meetings may be brief or lengthy, depending on the desires of the group. One may change groups if one does not like the group they are in.

During a month that includes one of the two annual solstices, an election is held to choose a leader of the group. That leader will moderate meetings and make decisions where there are conflicts. A good leader will delegate where convenient and possible. Groups of Individuals always meet on the 3rd of each month and mainly discuss and resolve issues as individual people between themselves.

Other groups of ten individuals will also be formed. And they will elect leaders. These leaders will meet in groups of ten on the 6th of each month and elect their own leader in the bi-annual election cycle. This Neighborhood focuses mainly on concerns that affect the hundred people they represent. Ten leaders of ten individuals each.

Each tier of government in like fashion has a group of ten that meets three days later than the group below it and a grand pyramid of representation results. Each successive group concerns itself with a broader scope. I will now lay out this organization in simple numbers of people. It might be easiest to look first from the bottom and work upwards:


Information travels upward. As the scope broadens and leaders are further apart geographically, video links will be progressively necessary. Accountability is tantamount. The Director can be voted out at any tier from the ten groups he belongs to, and people at lower levels must understand that voting out The Director or some other high official will have a rippling effect since he will also no longer be a leader of any group above them. Voting is a grave responsibility.

Moving up the ranks can be rather rapid. The month of each solstice is an election month, two each year. Theoretically it is possible for a non-elected individual to become The Director in one election cycle, winning each tiered-election every three days.

Ultimately, the cream will rise to the top. Even with a major shakeup of government elections, farmers will still farm, factory workers will still do their jobs, musicians will still perform, and life will continue on as usual. The government guides and appoints at its various levels. Power is very much decentralized and those whose leadership does not please can be quickly ousted.

Finally, The Director is the leader of ten groups, one at each level. He can delegate an appointed subordinate secretary to lead lower groups as he pleases but he must attend all meetings he is a member of. He must hear about the demands of a five-year-old insisting on more crayons even as he considers the matters of world transit and global food distribution. Those at the top must remain grounded and never be able to ignore what is really going on in the world.

7 thoughts on “They Take too Much – 0002

    • At that bottom level, an individual would ideally find someone to swap with them. The heads of the ten Individual groups could help it along if the person can’t find someone himself. Normally the groups will be family and friends at the bottom tier so I don’t see this as much of a problem until you get into loners.

      A bigger problem is having ten people and none of them want a leadership role. That again would suggest a swap because there will be other groups with more than one person wanting such a role.

      I don’t see really addressing this going forward because there are much bigger fish to fry. I’m trying to map out where things are going first so I know ahead of time how to plant the seeds that allow me to get there.

      With this democratic republic establishing the form of government I now need to lay out the economic system. You can have capitalism in a dictatorship. I want communism in a democracy. I think that will be the next entry in this series, explaining why communism comes out of all this. But first I have to think through the whys and wherefores.

      This simple system I laid out here took me a week to reason out and write up. This is why I think I have had trouble getting started, I didn’t know exactly where I was headed. I was afraid of planting the wrong seeds and then painting myself into a corner. So I am mapping out my little personal utopia first and then I can get started with the actual writing. Who knows, maybe I’ll be satisfied with just reasoning this all out.

  1. Hacking the system will be one of the greatest crimes. Everything you do will be recorded by video everywhere as well as anything you did with a computer. Be sure to set up a video loop. A life of hard labor and no computer access is a high price to pay. The world computer system is a very important system of government, business, and leisure, so this hacking would be one of the most serious crimes. Be careful!

    • I didn’t mean hacking the computer system, but the government.

      For example, let’s say I want to get commercial fishing banned in my local bay. How do I do that? Can I pay off a majority of teenagers in enough low level groups with free music to get my people elected high enough to ban commercial fishing?

  2. Everything will be free, particularly digital things. There is no “paying” or “buying” but I haven’t gotten to that yet. You can lobby people between meetings or try to become a high enough leader to have more influence. Bring it up at your next monthly meeting and put together a convincing argument, make a package your group’s leader can take to the next level. Do your homework!

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