Our New Phone Service


This is a follow-up to my article from January 12, 2013 entitled “Changing Plans”. It hasn’t been long since we switched from Sprint to PureTalkUSA. The transition from one company to the other was very easy to do and I think people need to know that. Because we terminated our Sprint contract early we had to pay a penalty and our final bill due February 20, 2013 will be just under $500. The benefit going forward is that our bill will be reduced from $140 per month to $15. I will elaborate.

Switching was easy although it is nice to have another line to do it from. We moved the number from Sprint to PureTalkUSA. It is important to have your number still in service while you make the switch. They send you a free SIM to plug into the unlocked phone you intend to use: Put it in, and then make sure that phone is completely shut down as well as the phone with your current number if you are changing from one phone to another. Then you call them from a different line and ask them to move your number. It happens in a flash although with each of our phones I waited a full hour before trying it. Really easy to do. After switching both our phones I called Sprint and they were very nice about canceling our contract with understood penalty — no argument or trying to talk me out of what I was doing.

In the picture at the top you can see that we can easily move minutes from one phone to the other simply by moving a slider. I arbitrarily balanced them off between phones. If either my wife Cathy or I need to be on the phone a lot I might move minutes over, but as is we each have nearly four hours of talk time. I am confused because we should have a total of 190 minutes for our initial $15. What we have instead are 456 minutes. I’m not going to argue.


Above we have our actual usage over the past three days. Note how the minutes are measured down to the hundredth of a minute. Precious little rounding is taking place. At this rate we will use our regular 190 minutes in exactly 30 days although most days we don’t use our phones for talking at all.

BuyMinutesIf we want to add a block of minutes we can buy some extra in bulk. Do note, however, that all unused minutes roll over in perpetuity so one good boost would last us a long time if we ever have the need to. The worst thing we could do is call each other since each phone will be charged the full time. Usually when I want to speak to Cathy I just turn my head in her direction and start talking.

The signal strength is stellar. PureTalkUSA piggybacks on AT&T’s signal and we made sure to use PureTalk’s map to see where their coverage is strong. Always do that when considering any service. T-Mobile uses Verizon’s signal which is good if we use Verizon but T-Mobile is not because of some lack of cooperation between them in our area. Check before committing.

So there you have it. Our needs for actual phone talking and texting is minimal and we can wait for WiFi to use online services. We are extremely pleased with the change. Your needs may vary.

One thought on “Our New Phone Service

  1. I did not expect any improvement to our wimpy 3 bars of signal strength, but now I have all 5 bars, even inside the house. It’s a win!

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