Fox Hunt

HuntingHornMy office is being painted as I write this, so I’m just going to post a short songlet I wrote a few years ago during an experiment. I’ve mentioned this before where each day for two weeks I intentionally wrote a complete piece of music starting from zero inspiration to finished recording. This one is 60 seconds in length featuring a trumpet over lush strings. The whole thing was done using a music keyboard and computer only aiming at a finished recording and not intended for performance as my piano solos most certainly are.

My process in doing this is to play around with the various sounds at my disposal until one speaks to me, in this case a trumpet sample. I can’t explain rather than to say that the sound itself tells me what to do, like it knows and directs me. Imperfect vessel that I am it takes time to receive and realize the music onto a score and then ultimately into a recording.

Fox Hunt is exciting to me because of how lush the strings sound. The opening chords built on perfect intervals provide an expansive awakening feeling, a beautiful morning for a hunt.

The experimental aspect for me entails changing chords by chromatic movement of one note for each change, not anything new in the grand scheme of art music.

Fox Hunt is in one of the players in the right-hand column. The article on each piece can be easily found by entering its name in the search field.

I might be doing shorter articles like this for a few days as I rebuild/rearrange my office. New beginnings are always an exciting and disruptive time.

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