Wet Paint

WetPaintWe’re in the process of getting the interior of our house painted. We are not ruin-it-yourselfers. My father always taught me to take pride and do things well, and for those things you don’t do well, hire someone else; that way, it gets done right the first time and you are done with it. That, combined with being frugal enough to be able to afford to hire things out keeps life simple, things working well, and looking good.

Bobbie Paints is the name of the self-owned company here in Hastings, Michigan. Bob and Bobbie are the painters and they do a spectacular and friendly job. Bob went out for chili from Wendy’s and while he was out Cathy and I decided we wanted some too so Bobbie called Bob and he brought us chili and refused to take money for it. They will take cash when the job is completed but that is not the point.

AncientAliensThey are Christian and we are not. My wife is Jewish and I am an ancient alien theorist. What is interesting is that we are all good with each other’s beliefs and our morals about how one should treat one’s self and others is identical. We use real estate as a means of helping disadvantaged people and, quite honestly, getting better interest on our savings. They, through their church, just purchased a broken down house and fixed it up top-to-bottom inside-and-out to use as a halfway house for the homeless to have a place to live until they get back on their feet. Who’d-a-thunk?

I will say that this whole process is interfering with my blog writing. After today I have to empty out my office and try to set up shop somewhere in the living room or dining room for the weekend. It is an opportunity to rearrange and rethink things. I love to rethink how I go about doing things.

Another benefit is that they like to listen to me practice the piano while they paint. It is one thing to humor me and it another for them to request me to play while they work because they like it. What is the best form of advertising? Word of mouth. We will be recommending them to anyone who needs a painter (buzz me for a reference), and perhaps if they hear of someone wanting piano lessons they will recommend me. Not only are we in tune with each other’s philosophy and practice of life, we appreciate one another’s work.

My public is demanding I perform so I must go practice and get over making mistakes in front of strangers while putting together the next piano solo I will eventually post here.

Good people, good times; life is grand.

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