Electronic Cigarettes

FashionMeetVaporAd4My wife Cathy is a nurse and has been taking note of certain behaviors of mine in the home, while we’re out, and also online. What she concluded was that I have a dopamine imbalance. She researched for a while and concluded that the best fix would be nicotine and for me to take up smoking electronic cigarettes.

I will say that I enjoy using them and that a major bug in my overall demeanor that motivates me to do certain bizarre things has gone away and I now feel more normal — what I perceive should be normal — than I have since I quit smoking 15 years ago. Apparently I was self-medicating for a reason.

I cannot in good conscience recommend that just anyone take this up. The FDA has not adequately studied this yet. Still, I have determined that this method of smoking has a number of benefits over smoking traditional cigarettes and no downsides.

They are legal to use in most places because all you exhale is water vapor and a bit of scent which flavors the “smoke.” Every puff is consistently satisfying unlike the difference between the beginning and end of a cigarette. There are no lighters to mess with, there is no danger of fire if you set one down, there will be no resulting burn marks, no danger of falling asleep with it, they taste good, and they don’t contain the myriad of deadly things put into regular cigarettes.

I’m all about carbs and their effect on health, fat, and hunger pangs. Cigarettes average out to be 10% sugar which explains some of the compelling cravings for a cigarette. No sugar here.

I will say here and now if you are a smoker or know a smoker then you should aggressively push e-cigs. Apart from the massive benefits there is also cost. What amounts to a full-strength pack of cigarettes will instead cost $1.50 USD, about 80% less than a pack of real cigarettes. These in no way need to be part of a smoking cessation program.

I will conclude by recommending a specific company and what you should order to get started. I have absolutely no association with them and I will not benefit in any way if you buy from them. I will say that to successfully switch you must smoke them like the real thing, huffing away at the same pace as if you had a lit cigarette, puffing often for a little while and then setting it down until you want more.

The company I am recommending has the largest assortment of products. There are two different kinds of batteries that are contained in the main barrel of the e-cig. Get the manual battery and not the automatic. With the automatic battery you have to puff 2-3 consecutive times and is a pain in the ass. The manual you hold a button down for a second or two and then draw and release when you are done, it is very natural and easy to do. You want two of these batteries, one that you are using and one you are charging or holding in reserve.

The company’s url: http://www.v2cigs.com/

StandardKitThe standard starter kit is what I got. You get the best-ever cigar box with magnetic lid, it contains two batteries: one automatic and one manual so you can try them both — get the largest. That is good to test each kind but I would rather have two manuals. Here first is what you should order unless you are certain the other kits better suit your needs:

Nice of me to spend $116.85 for you, isn’t it? (Shipping is free as of this writing.) The kit itself allows you to get two different five-packs which is the equivalent of one carton of cigarettes. With the flavor sampler you 20-Packget to try all the different flavors, another “carton.” Where you get a choice in flavors, read the descriptions and make your best choice. The coffee flavor is nice, the chocolate is not bad. Your smoker will dictate your flavor guesses where you have a choice in the starter kit and the 20-pack. Going forward get the 80-pack since that is the cheapest price per cartridge. There are also do-it-yourself liquid bottles where you can make your own cartridges and even mix flavors and at that point each cartridge costs about $0.90, the best price point.

Beyond this I would get a second manual battery and the soft case (black exterior, red interior) which is great for leaving home for more than a day.

Each individual cartridge is the equivalent of a pack of smokes.

It is expensive to get started but going forward you can buy 80-packs and the cost of each cartridge comes out to $1.50 per pack/cartridge or an 80% savings over regular retail cigarrettes. It is better for the smoker for health and convenience, it is better for the people around them, there is no fire or burn hazard, and is drastically cheaper in the long run.

3 thoughts on “Electronic Cigarettes

  1. Almost 15 years ago now, I had a concept to invent a stick shaped like a cigarette that could administer some sort of relaxing “breathing treatment” as the person inhales while an audio loop of inspirational messages played. I pitched the idea to a man who was known to market unique and innovative products and he looked at me as if I was crazy. I am crazy. I realize that. But I still think it is a good idea.

  2. I quit smoking cigarettes and switched to an E-cigarette about 6 or so months ago and I haven’t turned back. I use something a little different from the unit you purchase (I have a unit dubbed the ‘lavatube’ for its size) but I am positive you will find it to be a pleseant experience.

    As for flavors, I think the you like the sweet flavors more than cigarette/menthol like flavors. My experience with the flavors is they feel more like a cigarette than the actual cigarette flavors. The hit the throat thicker and better. It’s pretty nice.

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