The Shopping Cart

At the grocery store I passed by a lady with two small children in her shopping cart. She must have just gotten started because there were no food items yet. I had to ask her of the kids, “Are those for sale? Like two for one? I’ve always wanted one and those are so cute! Which aisle has them?”

The lady assured me that they are very cheap and easy to make, but the upkeep once you have them is very time consuming and expensive. Apparently they require all sorts of accessories that are not included and there is no manual to speak of. Not such a bargain after all, at least not monetarily. Cheap to get, lots of baggage in the long run.


You can learn a lot looking in people’s shopping carts. There are ideas of what to buy, but more importantly you can do quick and free research on diet just by looking at what is in the cart and the general appearance of the person pushing it.

I will interject an ugly fact here: poor people tend to be fat because carby foods are cheap. Bread is cheaper than angus ribeye steak. Ramen noodle soup is cheaper than salmon.

Let me interject an insult: lazy people are fat. They are not fat because they sit around, they are fat because a healthy low-carb meal takes time to make. It takes me 10 minutes or so to make bacon and eggs and it takes no time at all to grab a box of Cheerios and start shoving fistfuls of carbs down your throat.

Let me lay out one more thing: Ignorant gullible well-meaning people are fat. Special K cereal is fattening, the banana you have with it is fattening, the skim milk you pour on it is more fattening than whole milk, and then the well-meaning genius eating this well-intentioned meal sprinkles Splenda on it as a dietary sweetener. Well isn’t she just getting skinnier with every bite? No. No she’s not.

But I digress.

Here’s my point: a fat person’s shopping cart is going to be full of easy-to-prepare carbs and a thin person’s cart is going to be full of meat, fish, eggs, cheese, and vegetables. I’m not making this up. I’m not controlling where you shop.

(For political and economic and moral reasons please shop at Costco instead of Sam’s Club. Costco employees are paid more, have benefits, and are overall treated better by the company, and Costco is more profitable than Sam’s Club.)

You want the quick and easy? Let’s skip the research and let someone else do the work for us. When a skinny person is about done shopping and they are trying to decide which jar of green olives to buy, just sneak up and steal their cart and rush through checkout before they notice. And don’t forget those olives!

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