Mozart Excerpt 01

One of my students has taken it on herself to learn The Turkish March which is the last movement of Mozart’s Piano Sonata in A Major. In looking over the entire sonata I realized that I had never studied this particular piece.

As I examined the sonata I discovered the most lovely melody at the beginning. The entire first movement is theme and variations. What I have done here is to perform the theme and then the first variation and then I once again play the original theme. It is a very long movement and this abbreviation encapsulated in an A-B-A format should be palatable for most.


The feel at the beginning is that of a princess regally marching down the aisle at her wedding. As the piece progresses it becomes more animated as might be the delighted conversation at the reception. And then we return to the beginning, perhaps a dying down as people leave one by one.

I found myself using less and less damper pedal as I progressively mastered the piece until I was only half-pedaling where the bass is busiest and not at all in most other places. In this case less definitely seemed to be more.

All in all this has a fresh and happy feel. Optimistic and joyous. I offer this bit of Mozart to help bring in the new year. You can find it in one of the players in the right column named “Mozart Exerpt 01”.

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