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We must consider cheating while dieting. I have found that when I hit “the wall” and stop losing weight that if I cheat it somehow helps break through that wall as if my body had adjusted to the diet and had figured out how to hold onto its excess fat. So to keep ourselves from feeling deprived, for variety, and to ultimately succeed in losing unwanted fat, we must cheat.

Lets review some basic facts before going to Burger King:

The bad: wheat, sugar, potatoes, rice

  • To lose weight fast: 20 net carbs per day
  • To lose weight slower: 40 net carbs per day
  • To maintain weight: 60 net carbs per day

The more you exceed 60 net carbs per day as a regular habit the more weight you should put on. Calories don’t matter but they have a positive correlation to carbs. Exercise does not burn fat but is good for you in moderation.

In a separate window or tab open the following document: (right click) Burger King Nutrition. You can weigh the merits of various offerings on your own. I will provide pictures of what I’m talking about specifically.

What we are looking at is the nutritional information for the various foods sold at Burger King. I want a whopper, fries, and a drink. You can get these as a meal or as separate items. Regardless, let’s look at what I would personally do to eat there and minimize the damage.

BK Whopper

The important carb information is contained in the right two columns. To get net carbs subtract the dietary fiber from the total carbs. There seems to be a typo in the chart since the double whopper has less carbs than the single or triple. The important point in looking at all three is that they each have 54 carbs (57-3) and cheese adds 2 carbs making it 56. I conclude that the bun and toppings are 54 carbs since adding more meat does nothing. As we learned at Jimmy John’s the bread or bun contains all the carbs and the meat and vegetables are essentially free.

I’m really hungry so I order a triple whopper. Because I decide I’m not going to cheat all that much I’m going to eat it open face and throw away half the bun.

Charge: 28 net carbs.

I want fries. Since the triple whopper is a ton of food and I am on a diet I’m going to get the smallest order of fries possible. I’m also only going to eat the best ones of the bunch so I might not eat the thinner crappier ones. I deserve the best!

BK Fries

Damn! Are you sure you don’t want onion rings or mozzarella sticks instead? OK, we’re going with the value-sized fries to minimize the damage and remember to do that little bit of math for net carbs.

Charge: 31 net carbs

Total so far: 59 carbs

That leaves us needing to wash this stuff down. There are three pages of drinks and I’ll just show you one here. You can scroll through the document on your own.

BK Drinks

Soda or not, a sweet drink is a sweet drink. If you eat in you have to be nuts to get anything but the smallest cup because you can pay less and just keep refilling it; unless, of course, you want to take a huge cup out with you.

I am shell shocked by our total of 59 net carbs already so I’m going to scroll down on the nutrition list to unsweetened iced tea for zero carbs. That leaves me barely under 60 for the entire meal.

If you ate the entire bun, no matter how much meat you put in there, and you got the smallest Coke then your total is double that. I am, obviously, trying to teach you how to eat out at one of the worst places while minimizing the damage. Your mileage will definitely vary, as will your waistline.

Cheat once or twice each week and try to be smart about it when you do. If you’re really smart about it you can do it frequently and still lose weight.

3 thoughts on “Burger King

  1. Eating at BK really is about the worst case scenario. My vote goes to the chicken nuggets at 15 grams of carbs, not counting whatever sauce you choose, which will add from 2 to 11 grams per small container. Honey mustard, sweet and sour, and barbeque sauce are all 8 to 11. Ranch and Buffalo are 1 or 2.

    • Yes, sauce is the secret enemy. You can eat a full rack of ribs with a dry rub for almost zero grams of carbs but if instead you have ribs slathered in BBQ sauce and sddenly they are the carbiest thing on the menu. Watch the sauce and watch the salad dressing.

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