Chinese Food for Christmas

My wife keeps suggesting that I might be Jewish. My response to that is a short list of things:

1. I don’t believe in god.

2. I don’t feel the need to go to any sort of religious service.

3. I read the Bible and thought it was a load of crap and is actually about space aliens, which I might believe is what actually happened.

4. I love eating pork and shellfish.

5. I do good things for people just because it is the right thing to do.

And my wife responds to that, “See? You are probably Jewish.” Oy.

What’s an atheist to do? I’m not against people and their weird beliefs. I’m sure I believe in things most people think are strange. So what? For dinner tonight we’re doing what we did last year, go to the local Chinese Restaurant for dinner. What could be more Jewish than that?


We’re not doing Christmas this year and we didn’t last year. No kids so no big deal I say. What I did get this Christmas morning is the realization that I now have over 1,000 page views here on this blog. That is tiny but still a milestone and since I started 45 days ago, this is still new so that is a big deal at least to me. 1,011 and counting. You are here now so 1,012.

What is interesting is that the entry that has received the most page hits is Gesú Bambino which has about twice as many page views as any other page besides the Home Page. So this potential Jewish atheist has 48 posts and a Christmas Carol I performed is by far the most popular thing I have done. That is the reason, according to my wife, that Jews wrote holiday songs, so they would be popular and provide income annually. Back in the day Jews were not allowed to have many kinds of jobs, merchants and musicians being two that were allowed.

While we’re on the topic I’ll link to a page that has video links to 11 of the biggest Christmas songs from modern times:

Famous Christmas songs written by Jews

In case you don’t want to go there I’ll list them here:

  1. Winter Wonderland
  2. Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire
  3. Sleigh Ride
  4. Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!
  5. White Christmas
  6. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  7. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
  8. Silver Bells
  9. I’ll be Home for Christmas
  10. A Holly Jolly Christmas
  11. (There’s No Place Like) Home for the Holidays

Quite an impressive list of  the very best quality Christmas songs, and all written by Jews!


I do hope you have a wonderful day today as I wish for you every day. As giving is the most fulfilling thing you can do, give your heart to your family and loved ones at this special time of year. You can get things for yourself all year but some people that are special to you are only around this time of year. Love them. Love whomever you are with and most especially love yourself. It is that time of year.

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