I’m going to post this song as my special gift for all my friends who come and read my blog. This song is neither written by myself nor is it in the public domain. As such I am opening myself up to certain legal problems.

Hallelujah was written by the great Canadian poet/musician Leonard Cohen. Buy his stuff.

The big commercial hit of this song is performed by Jeff Buckley and is on iTunes and likely many other places. It is not my favorite version but I advertise it for obvious reasons.

My favorite version is right here. I found it as performed by Carrie Collins on her MySpace Musician page years ago. I just had to add a bass line to it because it felt incomplete. At the time I had never heard the song before and I thought it was Carrie’s composition.

A mistake I made was thinking this is a religious song. I just can’t parse words while listening to music. So in constructing my bass line I decided to go with the flow and create little phrases of three notes, like a trinity kind of thing. It is common in religious art music to do such things.

It is a good song for this time of year; for any time of year, really. So here we have Carrie Collins on vocal and acoustic guitar and myself performing on bass after the fact. If you enjoy this half as much as I do you will absolutely love it.

Hallelujah can be found in one of the players on the right.

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