29 Dead

We all know the gist of what went down in Connecticut. A crazy guy got hold of his mother’s gun collection, killed his mother, went to a school and killed about 29 kids and school personnel and then killed himself.

How did this happen?

Like it or not, if the guy’s mom did not own guns this whole incident could not have happened. No guns, no shooting.

A gun rights supporter, and I’m in that camp, would insist that since mom knew her son was mentally unstable she should have kept her gun collection better secured. I very much expect “better secured” to be a topic well covered in the days and weeks to come. That’s a good thing.

Politically, the anti-gun lobby just gained some major clout. Part of what bothers me personally is that I have been arguing with right wing gun lovers that democrats don’t want to take their guns. If Obama passes anti-gun ownership legislation even if it is a republican bill, I’m going to lose all credibility on this issue.

Forget my credibility. Forget the gun lobby. Forget keeping your guns secure. Let’s look at the real god damned cause of the problem here.

Connecticut has the strictest gun laws in the USA. That’s where this most recent occurrence happened. Most recent.


Do you know what happened in Connecticut a few years ago? Do you know what changed? They closed all their mental hospitals and sent the patients home. CRAZY PEOPLE WHO BELONG LOCKED UP IN A MENTAL HOSPITAL WERE SENT HOME.

That, my precious readers, is the problem with someone losing it, grabbing a gun, killing a bunch of kids in school, and then killing himself. He should have been locked up and the government and “the system” knows he should have been locked up.

So now we know the problem. We need a place to keep potentially dangerous unbalanced people even though they have committed no crime. Republicans keep shutting these institutions down. It is time we took the bodies of these dead children, put them at the feet of those who decided to shut down the mental hospitals and demand to know why?

The cause of these senseless mass killings is a direct result of politicians closing mental hospitals. These patients cannot be jailed until they commit a crime and by then it is too late. These politicians themselves need to be jailed for knowingly putting unstable people out on the streets.

In the courts they call this premeditation. The real perpetrators of these horrible crimes must be brought to justice. Politicians put these “loaded guns” out on the street. Now put these politicians behind bars for their crimes against our children and against society.

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