Jimmy John’s

When trying to stay on a low-carb diet, eating out can be a real challenge. There are DOs and DON’Ts that will help remarkably. The problem lies in the DOs and DON’Ts mixed together, sometimes in a way that is hard to separate. Let’s make two short lists that will serve us well before we go out.


DO: Meat, fish, cheese, vegetables.

DON’T: Wheat, sugar, potatoes, rice.

When I say sugar I mean sugar, honey, high-fructose corn syrup, fruit juice, and any other non-diet sweetener. Many say artificial sweetener is treated by your body the same as sugar but I remain on the fence. If you eliminate the four bad things listed above and drink diet cola, you are a big winner.

Our first grand experiment takes us to Jimmy John’s.


At the bottom left of the menu linked to there is a “Low Fat/Low Carb Options” selection. After you look at the carb content of every sandwich and see they are all 50+ carbs, click that bottom selection and then look at the two low-carb items. Net carbs for the Hunter Club is 2.19 carbs. Remember to subtract Dietary Fiber from Total Carbs. What is the difference in the low carb options? You get a lettuce wrap instead of bread. Now click through all the drinks. To stay in the low carb zone you need Diet Coke or unsweetened Iced Tea.


A fun experiment at Jimmy John’s would be to get the same sandwich as your friend and they get the Vito with regular bread and you get the Vito as a lettuce wrap. Ask the sandwich maker to cut an inch off your friend’s sandwich from the middle which is for you to compare taste. When you eat that finger sandwich extracted from your friend’s sandwich it should taste quite nice. In comparison, when you bite into your lettuce wrap there will be an explosion of flavor. Starches mute taste.

We learned a huge lesson today. Separate the DOs from the DON’Ts. It was really simple at Jimmy John’s, either have bread or not. Either gain weight or not. Either hurt yourself or not.

Next time we go to Burger King and KFC.

3 thoughts on “Jimmy John’s

  1. Products that are labeled zero calories are not that promising. It’s true. There are no calories in them but to make them taste as good as they are, substitutes are added. Artificial sweeteners that come with side effects are included in the ingredients. They have to be, to redeem the flavor. Otherwise, the products will end up too awful to be a delight.You’d think you’re in the right track with artificial sweeteners. With no calories, you can say goodbye to some extra pounds in your system. You feel as if you’re doing alright. Well, you’re not. Truth be told, if you intend on losing weight through these empty calories, you are kidding yourself. Not only do they not have any dieting advantage, they, also, puncture your body with other effects.’

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    • You must have misread my article. Calories don’t matter at all. Calories don’t make you fat. That is an absolute myth. Carbs trigger your body to store fat. There is usually a correlation between the two and hence the misunderstanding. Steak is zero carb but has calories. No matter how much steak you eat, no matter how many carb-less calories, you will not gain weight and it will be delicious.

      I espouse giving up sweet things. I also do not personally use artificial sweetener. I do know someone who got fat drinking a 2-liter bottle of Coke every day and he switched to Diet Coke and his gut went away.

      I abhor the taste of diet sweeteners and never use them. I do without instead. I managed to lose 65 pounds never once looking at calories and instead watching carb content like a hawk. There are artificial sweeteners like Truvia with 3 carbs per packet, meaning you might as well use real sugar and Truvia has zero calories.

      When I want a rare sweet treat I have it containing real sugar, but my regular regimen of eggs, meat, fish, cheese, and vegetables causes about a pound of weight loss each week even with moderate cheating. Losing 50 pounds in one year is fast enough. You are seriously misguided focusing calories instead of carbs.

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