How Did I Do It? 01

It is one thing to know the theory behind something. It is good to have reason to follow through. It is entirely another thing again to know how to accomplish the desired result. Let us briefly review.

The “calorie in – calorie out” model is complete hogwash. Exercise does not burn fat. What causes you to gain fat is the intake of carbs once you have abused and broken your insulin system with an abusive diet. There are a compelling cluster of maladies associated with this condition that should powerfully motivate you to take control of the situation. The question is: HOW?

I intentionally lost 65 pounds the same way I approach all things in life. I looked at what I can do instead of what I can’t. I did what I could and was proud and did not lament about what I couldn’t. So in accepting a low-carb diet I very aggressively found things that I like to eat that also fit into the diet. The bigger your list of things you love that are low carb, the easier it will be to push aside other things you should not eat.


First things first.

Starting tomorrow morning weigh yourself. You will wake up, go to the bathroom and get everything out that you can, and then weigh yourself nude. If you want to weigh yourself in your pajamas then with each pair weigh yourself nude and then weigh yourself with the pajamas on and you can subtract the difference. Write it down in a chart. If you can make a spreadsheet of your weight with a chart that shows the change from day to day then all the better.

Here’s what you’ll find:

Your weight is going to bounce around. Science people call that background noise. It is important to know ahead of time that you can eat well for a couple days and in spite of that you might get no results or your weight might actually go up. The devil didn’t do it, the background noise or a fluctuation in water retention did.

As you weigh yourself and chart your weight each day I would ask you to start emptying an entire area of your refrigerator and also a shelf of your pantry. So assignment #1 is, chart your weight and continue to eat unhealthy. You can do that, right?

The first really hard thing:

Let’s make my first significant progress yours too. It was my doctor’s suggestion that I put less sugar in my coffee as a step in the right direction. I decided right then and there to stop putting any sweetener in my coffee, tea, or anything I drank all day. I would rather you started getting used to not putting sweet things in your mouth but if you absolutely must, use artificial sweetener.

Without sugar I hated coffee for a month, then I tolerated it for a month, and now I prefer it black. Tea was easier. Coffee, tea, water. No sweetener. If you must have something like diet cola then look at the label and make sure there are zero carbs on the nutrition information.

3 thoughts on “How Did I Do It? 01

  1. Write this book and publish it. A) People need to hear what you have to say. B) You are saying it in a way that no one else is. C) It is completely cathartic to read – for some reason. I haven’t figured out why yet, but I will. This is brilliant. Thank you.

    • Let me go through this in a series of blog articles. If I have enough material I will write that book and self-publish it at places like Amazon. When I started this blog I had an idea for a novel and I was hoping to write about the ideas and develop it that way but it is not coming out. This is coming out. So I am getting the information out now as I write this series of articles and when I get it all out I’ll see about putting it together into a book. I think it will be short for a book so we can call it “Jim’s little book of big weight loss.”

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