Self-Indulgent Crap

Artsy experimentation using dissonance as consonance.

This is my single best music composition. Early on I use hocket frequently as I have one instrument stealing the last note of a phrase from another. I also delay obvious resolution simply by waiting a little extra time before finalizing the melodic idea.

The sourness of the electric piano was produced by taking the melody as parallel octaves and then alternately switching between major seventh and minor ninth harmonies in place of the octaves. This produces a tremendous sense of motion and dissonance which, over time, becomes consonant to the ear.

If I were to change one single thing about this piece, it would be to eliminate the very last note and leave the listener hanging. As I frequently delay resolution throughout the piece it seems most appropriate to leave the listener hanging in perpetuity at the end. My bad.

All aspects of this composition were written and produced and performed/rendered solely by myself. If you like it I bow graciously and if you don’t, bite me. This was only ever meant for my own personal amusement.

I meant to post a different piece today but the drag and drop moved the wrong file. Serendipity.

I present this today because I got a late start and I wanted to get a blog article out for the day in a somewhat timely manner.

So here is my best composition to date. It is one which you will love or hate, I don’t see any between ground here. The next piece of music I post will have more mass appeal.  Promise. The song is on the right in one of the players, Self-Indulgent Crap.

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