Weight Loss

Over the course of a year I lost 65 pounds. I researched the subject, found what did and did not work, and then effortlessly dropped the weight. Effortlessly meaning with some discipline and frequent but light cheating.

Calories and exercise do not affect the amount of fat in your body. A calorie is a unit of energy and no physicist knows how to turn energy into matter. Stick your tongue in a light socket and see how fat you get from all that energy, if you live. Exercise can rid your body of some water; otherwise, exercise adds pounds to the scale because it adds muscle. Exercise is good, but it does not burn fat. You do not get thin from running a marathon. First you get thin, then you can train and run a marathon.

Fat is about biology, not physics. Your body burns fat naturally and constantly and as it turns out you can control how much it stores but not how much it burns.

Carbohydrates — carbs — are the food mechanism that instructs your body to store fat. There is a correlation between calories and carbs and hence the confusion. Control the carbs and you control fat storage and you can become any weight you desire.

20 carbs per day and you lose weight fast. 40 carbs per day and you will lose it slowly. 60 carbs will maintain weight. 80+ carbs per day should see you gaining weight.

The correct way to view the nutrition information below is to completely ignore calories, note the Total Carbohydrates and you can subtract from that total Dietary Fiber to get your net carbs. That’s it. These beef sticks are not fattening at all.


If you want to lose weight, basically, you must shun wheat, sugar, potatoes and rice. Actively eat meat, fish, cheese, nuts, and vegetables. Fruit is evil: 12 ounces of pure apple juice has more sugar than a 12 ounce can of Coke.

My breakfast every morning: 3 eggs cooked in butter, 2 strips of thick-cut pre-cooked bacon, and black coffee. Note the lack of bread, potatoes, and sugar. Have all the meat you want because it is zero carb. So my hearty breakfast is about 2 carbs, and that only because of the eggs. What a great start to a low carb day!

Heart disease. Cholesterol is a band-aid, not the cause of damage. Carbs inflame and damage your blood vessels. Your body repairs that damage with cholesterol. No damage, no buildup of cholesterol. Cholesterol is not the cause but it is the obvious symptom. The solution to heart disease is not less fat but it is less carbs. Cutting down on fat is like removing the band-aids from your medicine cabinet. Stupid.

Low fat foods are more fattening. Fat is not fattening. So when you remove what is not fattening what you have left is more fattening than it was before. Skim milk is more fattening and more unhealthy than cream.


Artificial sweetener is an X-Factor and might be as bad or worse than sugar. So to lose fat, no sweetener of any kind. That sucks but so does being fat.

So read packages for carbohydrate content and ignore calories completely. ASK ME IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS. Cook with butter. Enjoy bacon. Shun bread and baked goods most of all.

4 thoughts on “Weight Loss

  1. Mm…. you had me with cook with butter. I know that’s at the end of the blog, but damn I like butter. Thanks for posting this. I think people are so confused and the information out there is so conflicting it’s frustrating. But no sweetener?! Ugh! That’s my main addiction. I wish I knew how to cut that addiction. Every time I read about it I just get annoyed. Thanks for posting the picture of the cupcakes, how very sadistic of you? 🙂 🙂
    Loved this blog. X

    • I think you can use sweetener so long as you keep everything else in perspective. It took me a good while to get used to black coffee, I hated it for a month, it was OK for the second month, after that I prefer it that way.

      The single worst thing is wheat. You could try to cut that out completely and see how it goes. No breaded meat. No battered fish. Do that consistently and your sweetener might fit in the picture.

      When I go to Burger King I get a double whopper and throw out half the bun and eat it open face. The meat has no carbs so I get extra meat and cut down on the wheat. (Kinda rhymes.) I get the value fries and only eat the best ones and wash it down with unsweetened iced tea. I do that WHILE dieting. If I’m cheating I have a real coke and do the rest the same.

      Keep in mind I said I cheat regularly, like every 3 or 4 days I just say screw it and fully enjoy a meal without looking over my shoulder. It still works.

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