Career Decisions

I remember being rather directionless in high school with no ambition to do anything with my life. I seemed to be able to master any subject matter put before me. Maybe there was no sense of accomplishment from being able to do something with zero effort and thus no sense of worth in doing it? My parents, as a gift, had me go through three days of testing.

These aptitude and preference tests were designed to correlate what you liked with other people who like the same thing and who very much love what they do in life. Their report stated that I could be successful in whatever career path I might choose, however I would be best suited and happiest in three areas: musician, writer, and social worker.


They sat me down and said that I scored highest of all for social worker, that I would find great fulfillment in helping people who desperately need help, but that the paper work that gets between me and the needy might ultimately destroy me. Still, they insisted this is my one truest course and by far the most practical as well.

I have always dabbled with writing off an on. I wrote stories when very young and my parents refused to comment on them, I think, because they did not feel qualified to comment or support or criticize. That vacuum of reaction caused me to stop for many years. But I did minor in writing in college and I have done a blog before with daily articles and I recently picked that back up here.

I will breeze over the music as I will likely talk about that from time to time. I did perform professionally for ten years in a classic rock band, I do have a degree in music with a Piano major, and I am now retired from General Motors and teach piano as a meaningful hobby.

Social work. I help people spontaneously when I see someone in need before me. Serendipity. On the large scale I have helped two households get out of financial ruin and back on their feet and I am about to do it twice more. My credit union has adopted two families and I volunteered to get a musical gift for a 4-year-old girl. I will blog about that when the time comes.

So the testing agency was dead on the mark. Interesting taking the approach of comparing like interests between yourself and professionals who love their work and then cementing that with aptitude. Their advice did echo the education I pursued in college along with the psychology major, but in that I actively pursued creativity and learning theory. I shied away from directly playing social worker. Deep down I do think that red tape would have done me in.

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