Keyboard Tilt

I’ve been trying to write more which means reconfiguring my computer desk. I moved a big music keyboard out of the way, inserted a table in its place, and then wanted a music keyboard on top of the table just sometimes instead of all the time. Because of the height of the table I needed to tilt the keyboard.

If a keyboard is too high to comfortably play level then it needs to be tilted back toward you until you can perform/type on it with fairly straight wrists. If a keyboard is too low to comfortably play then it needs to be tilted away from you until, again, your wrists can be comfortably straight. So the problem was how to put the music keyboard at a comfortable angle.

We had to go to the store for knitting supplies for Cathy and I took that opportunity to search far and wide for something, anything, to serve to securely hold the little keyboard in a usable ergonomic angle. I searched hardware, toy, kitchen, office, and other departments for anything that would serve the purpose and not until I saw a rolled up yoga mat did I get an idea.


As you can see, I rolled up a fleece blanket I usually keep on the couch and unrolled it just enough to put the edge of the keyboard on it. Yes, I did fold it for width before I rolled it up. It works so much better than anything I might have found apart from losing the blanket on the couch.


This front view is from the perspective of sitting at my desk. It is hard to see the angle. Just imagine being a T-Rex and positioning your arms like that king of dinosaurs and you get the positioning feel.

Big practical lesson for any kind of keyboard, really. With your arms in a position to type, turn away from the keyboard while keeping your arms and hands in position. Now raise the frozen arms up before you and imagine a keyboard tilting along with yours hands. And if you go below level the keyboard would tilt away from you.

So there’s your ergonomic electronic keyboard lesson for today. I would imagine that with everyone being a slightly different height and table and chair heights frequently unchangeable the next best option would be to tilt your keyboard either forward or backward. It would be quite remarkable for the optimal angle to be level the way most people have it.

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