My Day Off

So lovely to have the day off. I know I said I’d do this every day without fail but I knocked out and posted two yesterday. I posted an overly emoted tirade about how I hate music and then I follow that up ironically by posting my own performance of a classic lesser-known Italian Christmas carol. And I’m an atheist.

I don’t see that as contradictory, that I’m an atheist and then spent a mountain of time composing a solo-piano performance which in itself glorifies baby Jesus. My wife is Jewish and she had a lovely time listening to me fill the house with music for a few days playing it over and over until I finally had a recording worthy of posting.

How is it a contradiction? Art is art. Morals are morals. If I reject Jesus as the son of god and I reject Yahweh as god the father, I do not get license to go around killing people. Jesus was a cool guy who had a lot of wonderful guidance to provide about a great many things, he was a Jew and a communist who taught all about helping the sick and the poor. And Yahweh was a genocidal maniac often hell bent on nearly wiping out the Jews; the Ten Commandments are top notch, many things in Leviticus not so much.

It would be so foolish to throw out the good with the bad when we don’t have to. Maybe I sometimes come up with something of value to you and maybe many times I do not. Keep the bits worth keeping and try to understand that I am amusing myself and I value the fun and the novel and the thought provoking over the true. Give me a fun idea and keep your damned truth. If it is boring then I don’t want to bother!

Very wise advice I once received: blog every day so people can count on you, even if each and every post is not the best thing ever. And always provide a picture.

So there’s your picture. This is my cast of characters. I will provide a brief bio of each and then sign off.

On the left we have GoGo. I got this Chinese statuette along with a very cheap speaker I purchased while living in Thailand. As it turns out I kept the figure and threw away the awful speaker. I cannot read the scroll, but he is obviously hawking goods. My mother became very depressed as my father spiraled downward toward his eventual death so I sent her GoGo because of his infectious smile. She was to look at him every time her mood went dark. I intend to use GoGo whenever I talk about economic issues and wherever else I can pose him when lacking a more appropriate figure while making a point.

In the center we have Floyd the pink pig. If you cannot just figure out what significance his name has then no amount of explanation is going to provide meaning for you. I also acquired Floyd in Thailand and I had intended to send him to my sister as a small gift. I could not part with him. The ears and nostrils are crooked one way and the eyes the other. Goofy and lovable. Floyd helps to point out the obvious and the profound and represents me when I’m at my unpretentious best.

Just recently my wife Cathy bought me Sweet Polly on the right. I had mentioned not having a female character to punctuate my posts with feminine charm and perspective and while at a craft show she bought this knitted doll for me. This is Sweet Polly’s coming out party.

I see we are now over 600 words and this is my day off. You get what you pay for and all that. See you tomorrow with whatever strikes my fancy.

Your homework until then: Do some small kindness for someone, something simple with no obvious strings like opening a door for someone with their arms full of groceries. And smile.

4 thoughts on “My Day Off

  1. I love your cast of characters, very clever 🙂

    I have a music question… I am writing a piece for my newspaper column and am looking for inspiration as it were. When I write, I need cerebral music, something with no lyrics. Typically, I plug something in like “Bach” or “Beethoven” into Pandora and just listen to whatever pops up, as I am a neophyte when it comes to classical music, not truly having a classical music style or taste.

    Can you recommend something?

    Your recommendation would be very much appreciated.


    • I cannot imagine you being a bother (that did make me laugh out loud). My absolute favorite collection of classical instrumental music would be JS Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos. I’ve never heard bad recordings but get something newer to get better recording quality (better by being noiseless). They are likely easy to find free to listen.

      I haven’t read the above article but I do know these were written as a gift and they were never so much as opened during Bach’s lifetime, let alone performed. They are a relatively recent discovery and arguably the best music ever written.

      • Oh, thank you very much for your advice, Sir.

        I will certainly look it up.

        And, thank you for the compliment. I have finished my article for now… but, there is always more news, more to report… so…


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