Gesu Bambino

According to Wikipedia, ‘Gesù bambino is an Italian Christmas carol composed by Pietro Yon in 1917. It was translated to English by Frederick H. Martens. The melody and lyrics of the chorus are derived from that of “O Come All Ye Faithful”.’

The piano solo I supply here is completely my own creation. I took great liberties in making this part lullaby and part showpiece. The extremely well-known chorus needed dressing up to make it novel. Since the piece is in the public domain and this is very much my own work, I consider the composition and the performance to be my own.

I had originally composed this to perform around Christmas time at the reception of an Italian wedding, complete with tuxedo and grand piano. The bride who commissioned me to perform before-dinner music had requested that I play mafia music. The wedding was rescheduled and I was unavailable for the new scheduled date so no one has heard this until today.

You may listen by using one of the players stationed at the right-hand side of this page.



8 thoughts on “Gesu Bambino

    • I think the bride, how odd that I don’t know her name and that I never did, did not have the proper vocabulary at her disposal to describe what she wanted. The reception was to be comprised of mostly people who consider themselves to be Italian, and “mafia music” did indeed get me in the ballpark. Italian opera, Italian classical composers, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, traditional Italian music. Largely what I was doing was creating an Italian Fake Book which is a collection of songs where only the melody and the chords are written out and you “fake” the rest of the performance based on that. As I had time I intended to more formally arrange these pieces, and Gesú Bambino was the first and also last as things changed and I was no longer able to be involved.

      Of note was that I did not want to take on the task to begin with. It is not something that I do. The bride, who had heard me play on the grand piano at the beautiful elderly care facility my mother was staying at, cornered me and would not take no for an answer. My will is not that strong and sad to say persistence pays off even when it is not the right thing for all concerned.

      Also of note is that the situation caused me to start writing an app for the iPad. The task proved too daunting for me but I did come up with a novel approach and it might amuse you and anyone else looking over our shoulders to see. On YouTube I have a proof of concept video demonstrating what I was able to accomplish before giving up:

      • Well, Sir, I am thoroughly frustrated… I have tried several times and am unable to listen to your piece. I do not understand why I cannot make it work this morning.

        That said… I find it interesting you were working on an app. What a diverse set of talents you have. I used to love making complex “programs” for offices using Access and Visual Basics. I was also always the Excel expert… Not exactly the same… but, in a way…

        My interests vary… statistics and numbers for that side of me that needs the concrete and exact; and poetry, words, and spontaneity for my creative side.

        Maybe I will try again later to see if I can hear your piece… I am certain it is beautiful.


  1. I have had difficulty with the music players which are a new pay-for feature in WordPress. I very much want to know what device you are trying and failing to play my music with. I find that my 3rd Gen iPad does not work hardly at all but my desktop Mac has no problem at all ever.

    Changing nothing, reloading the page has helped, or quitting the browser and starting it back up might. I haven’t played with it much but I think Chrome works better than Safari on the iPad with the players.

    Please let me know what hardware and software you are using (I don’t need hardware specs as such) so I can better figure out what to recommend to people. I intend to make a page explaining what does and does not work but I am limited to what I have at home to experiment with.

    First step, obviously, would be to play sound from any other web source just to make sure sound is working. The YouTube video above should suffice for that.

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    • On the video with Moonlight Sonata showing the app I attempted to write? Yes that is my voice and playing. I only prepared some of the piece and it goes pretty bad after a while. The talking is done on a separate track, not done at the same time. I can talk and play at the same time if I know the piece well enough. The things in the music players are me too, sometimes with friends. There will be lots more over time as I make more and as I post more older things.

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