Thanksgiving – History Repeats

Wouldn’t it be ludicrous if suddenly a Native American tribe were to attack Cleveland, Ohio in an attempt to take over the territory? Pretty much the whole world would exclaim a collective, “What the fuck!?!?!” Not unless we take a perspective back in time to when the settlers first came to North America can we understand what this attack could possibly be about. And because of the passage of time we somehow think that the Native Americans have no justifiable claim. Only because of how much time has passed.

Pink-skins attack Fleshtone-skins

Today we have the Palestinians attacking the Israelis over land that only seems like it is Israel’s because of how long they have held it. As the fighting goes on the USA supplies Israel with arms even as Iran supplies the Palestinians.

We are causing needless prolonged bloodshed by supplying arms rather than effective diplomacy. The killing both ways is pointless.

What is needed is the Native American perspective that we belong to the land, not that the land is a possession for people to own. Everywhere is where we all belong. Everywhere is a place for us to nurture and respect the land. We should be thankful for the beautiful Earth we inhabit, not make war over it.

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving – History Repeats

    • We did have a nice get together with some family. Blogwise I stumbled on a setting yesterday so I could write this entry yesterday and it posted automatically today. So if I was hell bent on a daily thing, we could take off for two weeks and I could have 14 posts written ahead ready to autopost (given I can dash off that many entries!). Nice to know it can be done if you want to leave a time bomb.

      • Gosh, I marvel at your planning. I really, really do. I think I have become a faster writer since starting this blog, but I am certainly not a writing ninja yet, like you. Impressive.

    • I will not say red states for the red skins. I won’t say it. But if we did that we’d be half way toward justice. The mystic wants their reply to be, “How can you give back what is not yours? How can we take back what was never ours?”

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