When I first heard of Hostess going out of business I was really saddened by it all.  It isn’t that I’ve eaten one of their products even in the last few years, but I grew up on that stuff.  Just seeing Hostess products on the shelf as I walked by in the grocery store gave me a sense of nostalgia, and even though there are similar cheap products on the store shelves today, it just isn’t the same.  I genuinely feel bad about this.

Junk Food

In my opinion Hostess was hit from two opposite ends.  The health craze, misguided as it is, still correctly viewed Hostess products as bad for you.  On the other end was the emergence of things like designer cupcakes; basically, better quality and better tasting baked goods are in most every supermarket these days.

The passing of Hostess is tainted by the business practices of today.  The issue as presented to Hostess employees was one of giving up their pension and taking lower wages in order to keep their jobs and stay in business.  That was a lie.  The top management of Hostess, during these pleas for concessions, doubled their own wages and there is your clue.  If it was about wages and tightening belts then everyone including top management would have made sacrifices.  The Hostess situation was about pocketing the employees’ pension fund before going bankrupt and their union rightly refused to allow that to happen.  So Hostess went out of business a little sooner rather than a little later.

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