I’m in the process of updating this blog and actually paying money to have it exist.  I will briefly list the reasons for doing this and then I will attempt to post a music file in a music player.  Here are the main reasons I’m paying 99 bucks instead of keeping it free:

1.  No ads (Not that any have appeared YET).

2.  A domain name without “.wordpress” which is unprofessional.  I’m an amateur but I don’t have to dress like one.

3.  Video and audio files that are self contained within this blog site.  I’ll not go on and on about my many complaints about my MySpace musician page or watching a video hosted by YouTube.  Either one, once you have watched the desired content once, deluges you with other people’s stuff whether I as the content provider want that to happen or not.  I want more control and this should do it.

4.  More customized design.  I don’t like this NYTimes font or whatever it is.  I like bigger font sizes with a more pleasing easy-to-read typeface.

To close I’m going to attempt to provide a brief audio clip.  It is called “Pasta” and was composed and performed myself as part of a two-week experiment where every day I would start a new music composition project and force completion that very same day.  I was indeed able to do it every day for two weeks and come up with a brief end product like what follows.

On the right column should be a music player with my little songlet.  I hope you enjoy and next time I’ll try to figure out how to improve the look and feel of the text.  See you tomorrow!

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